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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes in length for April 27.

DML covers the new information about John Kerry and his alleged wrongdoing in giving Iran information about Israel’s military initiatives.

DML also reveals a new video published by the children’s TV network, Nickelodeon. The content is sickening. Kids are told that things like smog in the South Bronx are part of the “environmental racism” that exists in the US.

DML dives into other topics like the California recall. Plus, he reveals the last days of the special on DML CBD Face Serum are here.


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  1. Every day Americans become more stupid and pathetic
    We are in a war for the soul of America And half of you are so dumbed down by this racist crap
    This is what the democrats need to control you.
    Wake up and get ready. They are using this to cause a war by criminals that even they won’t be safe Fight or die

  2. Parents, ask for a curriculum and/or daily planner from the teacher. See if you get one. Then, try to be on the lesson that day to hear what’s said. If you are brave enough, interrupt. You could record it as well. Make it viral. Take it to meetings. Share with like minded parents who don’t want their kids indoctrinated. Share it with your local and state reps and let them know how displeased you are. Those are just a few things you can do. Some parents have already done this. More need to. This is just one more thing in a long list designed to indoctrinate your kids. SMH

  3. You get a ton of illegals coming in for free stuff…people from other areas bringing with them their LIBERAL IDEAS…SOME PEOPLE JUST PLAIN IGNORANT…JUST WAIT TILL 2022 AND 2024 YO GET THEIR SORRY ASSES OUT…FOR NOW JUST ANOTHER DAY IN MARXIST, BLMer, racist, Joe Biden Paradise


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