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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 55-minutes.

DML cover an array of topics in the news, including 60-Minutes and its attempt to destroy Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida.

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  1. I watched the interview of de santas and Mark Levin.
    The governor of Florida is awesome and smart! He stands for what we believe!!

    I support him 100%

  2. Dennis have you watched any of the trial? NO Chavaun Did NOT go roque. Ive seen people do a test (Crowder was one) with someones knee on their neck. Even when the knee person had ALL their weight on the neck they can still move their head AND BREATH. Floyd was hyped on enough drugs to kill a horse and died of a fentanyl overdose. If Chavaun is guilty of anything its not recognizing the excited delirium, and when he stopped fighting rolled him on his side (like asked by the other officer).

    • I totally agree. I worked in the medical profession 42 years and after hearing the toxicology report and viewing the entire video clip, I drew the conclusion there was no way Chauvin caused Floyd’s death. A bit irrelevant now, because this jury won’t escape with their lives if they come back with an acquittal. BLM has made that perfectly clear. The venue should’ve been moved and the jurors should’ve been sequestered. The judge made certain Chauvin won’t get a fair trial by denying those defense requests. Regardless of the exculpatory evidence presented at trial, the ex-cop is set to become somewhat a martyr, a victim of mob mentality. Justice is dead in America today. Without immediate medical care. Floyd would’ve died anyway, probably behind the wheel of his moving vehicle. Fentanyl kills, and it killed Floyd.

      • The cop was guilty, before any trial! Floyd was made to look like some kind of nice guy, when this man held a loaded gun, t a pregnant womans belly! I saw the video. The cops went out f their way, t make Floyd comfortable, even rolling windows down, and letting him out f car! The public should have never been allowed in courtroom, or privy t anything about it. The commies ver age f the trial is a complete set up, to hang the cop! Not only that, but someone tell me- wasn’t the knee on neck, a standard police procedure? And they dropped it, after this incidence? I could be wrong, but M pretty sure I heard that.

  3. I believe that that Floyd case is nothing but a sham and they want to go ahead and blame somebody for his stupidity and his death I’m sorry the man died but he was no saint and you can see from his background that he had a problem and they’re just building it up like he was a saint and he was not and the way I looked at it really close the other day it didn’t look like his knee was completely on his neck so that’s why I think they’re just trying to frame this guy so I think that everything they’re talking about is bullshitNot only that they paid his family or whoever it was the city of Minneapolis $27 million before the case even went to trial that is that not a sham or watt you don’t pay somebody for something like that until the trial is over and he’s found guilty that’s plain bullshit

    • Right! His famil are now millionaires, and now ever death by cop, will go to trial, if there are anymore cops! Who would want to be a cop now?!


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