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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour and nine minutes for this day, Aug 27.

DML announces a BOGO special for DML CBD.

DML begins the program with analysis of the terror attacks in Afghanistan and how America is soon to hit rock bottom.

He closes the program answering emails from listeners who decide and debate on getting the jab, or not to take the jab.


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  1. you make a lot of sense and I believe your take on what is going on. love you … we are seniors and we did get the jab. We have always received the jab for the flu. There is a fear that has been driven by the media…

    • so sorry you got the shot. It is a killer shot to kill millions starting in the fall. go to or Many doctors are trying to find an antidote to the shots. But you must get the truth about what is in them. Right now the FDA did NOT approve the Pfizer shot. That is a lie and smoke and mirrors. try to use duck duck go to search for the truth. God help you when that AI spike protein enters every cell to change your DNA. Many will get sick and die this fall when the covids come out, the seasonal flu, as your body will be filled with this poison. Use 100 mg zinc a day as Dr. Zelenko says his experiements show it retards the growth in your cells.

      • The antidote is in the Medbeds. POTUS Trump said a few months back that all vaccines can be reversed by the medbed. He also said that ALL future vaccine use will be against the law.

  2. Hi Dennis, Please get to the bottom of bill AB1455 in ca. Shots for all state employees. I went bk to see when this bill was actually put in. 2002. They’ve been orchestrating this for a long time. Control. Can u help us dig into this bill and help to guide us to defeating it

    • get the truth, Pfizer has NOT been approved. Sadly you must ask for religious or health exemptions. Then you must band together to get a lawyer to file in court. Sadly, our Supreme Court has been compromised but keep trying. Because we now know that living aborted baby cells are used in all these vaccines and many of the other ones as well, the Catholics have a form you can use to start with. Good luck. You may have to quit your job. This jab is the mark of the beast IMO. Take it and die.

  3. Thank u Dennis! I loved ur podcast. I also loved ur advice to ur emailers. I just listened to it today…Friday…ur birthday!! So Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a great one!

  4. I listened to your podcast. One question where is Kamala ? Where is everyone? Something is scary. God Bless you.your family be safe. Dee. I listen to your podcast everyday but you don’t take credit cards. I have not been able to get pay pal. Please let me know if you can take a credit card?

    • Everyone is either in the great beyond or in the Spa (GITMO). The White House is boarded up, no one is there (I have visual proof.) POTUS Trump reminded us as late as two days ago that everything we see is a movie. TV, news, etc. are not real. Don’t believe any of it until the end he said about six months ago.

  5. Oh I forgot it’s vacation congress and senate will be back after labor day. Again prayers to family and if anyone has any doubt about taking the jab I have friends that have passed away in therec40″s & 50″s I’m only saying get dr options have your blood drawn to making sure you have brewing. This is only my opinion.

  6. I’m not taking the jab. My sister in law is vaccinated and gave me so much crap when I visited her. In an ironic moment, 2 weeks after I left, my fully vaccinated brother in law got Covid and she’s waiting for her test results. So glad I was gone. Can’t blame it on me.

    • Vaccinated are transmitting poisons in those shots to those around and are not immune to the covid either. There are 70+ covids so no way they can eradicate it. The PCR tests do NOT test for covd19. They test for antibodies from ANY covid, even flu shots and are incorrectly calibrated to give false positives!! Go to for all the doctor’s videos so you have the truth. Keep to your faith and keep away from the V people.

  7. I’m talking about ppl that have underlying conditions.
    If 3 Dr’s give you a 1-3 chance of survival if you get covid. You start seriously thinking. I never take one drs word I go to specialist have blood drawn to make sure you have nothing brewing inside you. This is just my opinion. I never took a flu shot in my life.

    • that is a lie. go to American Frontline Doctors website. There are meds that work and yes, they must be given immediately. The hospitals and doctors are committing malpractice and killing our people Sue the hospitals and doctors and tell them if they don’t give you meds that are known to work, you will sue.

  8. This is a CCP Dem takedown of America! Every general has disobeyed manuals and training to hand over Afghan and Americans to the enemy. They must be removed and replaced NOW! Also, arrest the Biden/appointees as they have deliberately performed treason! McCarthy is asking Pelosi for what? Call him and demand action!! He did nothing to push back on the soft coup last Nov, the Dem planned attack on Patriots on Jan 6th and now this!! Is he a traitor too?

  9. Dennis, you are always so right at predicting things. IF this Afghan mess goes down as the CCP Dems planned, our dollar will drop due to Petrol Dollar dropped; The camps will be set up for US, and the 3 rd thing is as you said, the bombings will start by the terrorisst the State Dept just let in and from the southern border. That will be to soften us up so the CCP will move in and set up Pelosi, Schumer, and Obama traitors as the puppet gov’t. And America is over. If you have any clout, speak out to the Patriots in the gov’t. These generals have done enough to be demoted and arrested and charged with court martial. we have only hours now to stop this coup to take us down using Afhgan.

  10. Hey Dennis, this has been one of your best podcasts. You really uplifted a lot of people today who are depressed due to Covid, lockdowns and our news. I almost cried when you were telling people to carry on and don’t let the Dems keep you down. No one has said this that I know of except you.
    God bless you and your family.

  11. Please don’t bad mouth Michael Jackson when it’s apparent you are unaware of the truth regarding him. The media only attacks the famous people that don’t salute lucifer.
    Michael is on Our team 👍#AmericaFirst


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