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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes for this day, Aug 30.

With Afghanistan, Biden, and the southern border with Mexico being totally out of control a terror attack is likely to happen on US soil. DML interviews one of the most legendary border agents to ever serve.

Chris Harris joins DML to discuss the border, Biden, and the cartels who are working with terrorists.


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  1. Through the border? Why work so hard for that? This idiot admin brought over 100 people on the terror watch list, and a convicted rapist that was deported is now back on American soil, after they all hitched a ride on the airlifts, and nobody bothered to get them. Fucking morons.

  2. HOW do I access the advertised DML podcasts? I get to the part that says, “Listen”, click on it and nothing happens. I subscribe to DLM’s website, but do I have to take it a step further to listen to the Aug 30th podcast, or for that matter any others?
    Please help.

  3. 👋Warning Google has now turned my screens color So this one is about to go
    It’s not if but when
    For those America who are still acting as if nothing is wrong
    Well when Obama’s 400,000 Illegal Muslims and now Biden’s 100,000 Young Taliban men that Biden just brought here. Over our own people !
    (That should be smacking you in the face right now )
    You had better decide your side now We all had wished for a better outcome But this was And is being thrust upon us. Blood will run in our streets because we let this happen Now you will fight or die

    • Just how much more do they expect us Americans to take before they put down their foot down and throw Biden, Harris and Pelosi out of office. Democrats and Republicans should be ready to oust them three.

    • Agree! Obama is a terrorist & this is exactly what he wants! He is in control of Obiden with all his leftover losers installed in this administration & they love open borders! I despise Obama & this is going to be bad!😈

  4. Biden is doing exactly what he is being instructed to do by the deep state. They want us completely unstable. They also want anything that will allow nancy to trigger the Insurrection act and put her felons fags and freaks on the streets disarming us and shooting us while our patriots are forced to fight joey boys islsmic mates in Afghanistan.

  5. The problem in my City of Framingham is the people who have ignored their VISA return to their countries of origin stipulation…They come here and don’t go back to in my cities case, Brazil,

    There are THOUSANDS here, driving, working and given the keys to the city…Their kids get to go to school and when Brazil vacation time comes up the kids leave here and go back to Brazil wreaking havoc in the schools because they are now absent from classes here….These kids are probably US Citizens birthed in America courtesy of the misapplied 14 Amendment…The PARENTS are still illegal and unlawfully here, driving cars, getting car insurance, working, and the Mayor want to give them driving licenses…It has become totally lawless when it comes to Rule of Law….The DEMOCRATS are all behind it all with their blessings….The people running for political office for City Council don’t even mention the illegals here, yet the illegals here are costing the schools tens of millions of dollars because of language programs are even providing language courses for the illegal unlawful parents who shouldn’t be getting anything free that is through the public schools…it all is violation the Aiding and Abetting rules of our Immigration Laws…I have complained probably a hundred times in all these years about all of this and just ignored…

  6. EXCELLENT information on what is going on at the border, one of the best I have heard in a while.
    GREAT that the VISA overstays was mentioned because this is how the Brazilians have taken over my City…
    There are THOUSANDS of them here unlawfully and illegally….

    Just to show you how many times I have complained about the VISAS overstays and how they use the school system to rip off the Citizens here are links to hundreds of post I have done over the years exposing the these VISA overstayers and their uses of Adult ESL language courses…

    ALL these post have been over the years sent to my City Council and School department with being ignored. The VISA overstay article should be up top but if you search the articles for the word ESL watch what you come up with…Its incredible, and ALL ignored by the City and schools.

  7. Terrorist attack are going to happen there is no doubt. Joe Biden and his administration needs to be dealt with the most extreme way.


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