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DML and Bernie Kerik

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 80-minutes on this day, Aug 31.

DML says this is the BEST PODCAST he has ever conducted, and it covers an array of topics including the investigations into the 2020 election mess, Biden’s blunders in Afghanistan, a looming terror attack and the 9/11 lessons lost from 20 years ago.

DML’s guest is former NYC top-cop and 9/11 hero, Bernie Kerik. The conversation covers the 2020 election and how Bernie saw the evidence himself while working for Trump’s legal team.  Also discussed is the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 and the high odds for a terror attack(s) throughout the US.  Kerik believes our children could be targets. Plus, the disgusting measures taken by Joe Biden with regard to Afghanistan. DML and Bernie reveal who they believe is handling the day to day operations inside the White House.

As noted, Kerik led many of the investigations for Trump’s legal team, and in this podcast he reveals some of the evidence he says proves Trump got screwed in 2020.  Get ready to be pissed off.

This is a podcast every American must listen to!


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  1. We knew the night of the election those swamp creatures stole the election!
    After that and what had been going on since January, plus the latest in the Middle East Biden should be executed and the administration should be dismantled! Trump needs to be reinstated now!
    We have to save our election integrity.

  2. Tried to listen but it only spins to load with no results. Got off and return and now the podcast is gone. I knew it wouldn’t stay up long but they really jumped on this one. No one is allowed to listen to anyone that would make them look like thieves and the disgusting people they are. I’ll try later to listen. Maybe?

  3. Agree, Presidents legal team and the American people are the injured parties in addition to President Trump! Everything passed and completed by this Government has been done so illegally……

  4. Yea we got all this evidence but I want to know what we are going to do about it. It’s all just BS if no one is punished.🤬🤬🤬

  5. Preaching to the choir! We all know. The ppl including news are complicit. They all bet on the one world order. If they thought we – the American ppl- would win they would have fought for fair election. By “covering up” and denying they think they have secured a safe place for themselves. All while selling YOU down the river into communist slavery or death. We all gonna die— good luck.

  6. Great interview DML! Yes all of America got screwed in the 2020 election. Our enemies list got longer because we can add the Rinos in the RNC and those in the RNC that are on the fence!

  7. I sat and listened, Sooo worth the time Dennis! I shared with a few that I knew would listen. Such dangerous times. Thank you for all you do and I pray everyday that we get out of this dark scary time. Can’t believe the open border continues after all that we know of those who hate us! Until next time DML…

  8. Other than an actual civil war to put the rightful President and house members in place, what can we do? With so many local, state and federal people corrupt, what else can we do? America will never survive 4 yrs of all this horror.

  9. Does anyone else have a problem with DML’s Podcast’s shutting off midstream and having to start them again 18 times??? I am SO tired of this happening all the time! DML has anyone else complained about this happening? DML I don’t understand WHY you are NOT behind Trump for the next election after ALL he has done for our country? Yes, I like DeSantis, but he is no Trump! Also, WHY the hell doesn’t our country hold these people in a secure facility (I hesitate saying “incarcerate” but that is what needs done) these Afghanis until they can be vetted??? We should NOT be releasing these people into our communities until they have been vetted!!!

    • Kathleen try this…I came across it by accident. My podcast always was exactly like urs. Try scrolling to the comments and stay there. I don’t know why but when I do that, I have the constant podcast to the end.

  10. so do you think it’s possible that all of a sudden they’re going to come up with the evidence needed to put Donald Trump president Donald Trump back in the white house since Biden has botched this presidency and Afghan and disgraced our country so thoroughly and how would that be done

  11. I agree with you all. There is an answer!! READ OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS!!!! It’s not an easy answer but it’s the only answer with the totally corrupt illegitimate government that we now have. WE MUST TAKE ACTION !!!! We are DUTY BOUND IF WE ARE TO KEEP AMERICA AS WHAT IT’S MEANT TO BE !!!!!!

    • In a nutshell, what is the answer? Impeachment is not it. That is usually just a slap on the wrist, and he keeps on keeping on. Meanwhile, is Fiji, or someplace other than our once beautiful USA, a viable place to relocate?

  12. Cancelled or open carry will be your best friends. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere but the public is. If you love America and your way of life defend her!

  13. Dennis, I love all of your podcasts, listen to them daily, but today’s was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thank You, for all you do.

  14. Dennis, I love all of your podcasts, listen to them daily, but today’s podcast was FANTASTIC !!!
    Thank You, for all you do!

  15. This podcast is truly remarkable i am very glad i listened . While frightening and humbling it was worth every minute to listen to. Thank you. Bernie Kerik is quite an outstanding officer and decent man .

  16. Thank you for this podcast the truth is well known but is covered up.This coverup is a crying shame.God Bless
    both of you and God Bless America.

  17. No joke! And we’re getting screwed more each and every day. Now Google just wiped out conservatives platforms . Someone better tell Lindsey Graham to stop approving woke judges at record pace. Ridiculous!!!

  18. Like I have been saying. The forensic audit is about to be exposed and Trump will be back on the WH. Be patient. Trust The Plan

  19. Agree that both sides are in on it. They stick it to the People. Neither Republican nor Democrat cares one wit about the People. They hate that the Man that would never be President was. President Trump has more class and intelligence than the entire DC crowd. Of all of those Republicans Pence still hurts the most. Cruz Cheney Mitch, McConnel McCarthy they are all snakes. Do not care about the People or our Constitution.

  20. President is so comfortable in his own skin, he’s his own person, they hate his self confidence-he is smart beyond measure. President Trump has a generous heart – a generous spirit – great empathy and loves his family. Above all, empathy for mankind. President Trump is a World Treasure.

  21. Biden is thought to be the front for Obama. It is said that Biden retreats to Delaware every weekend. It is believed that he meets with Obama to be programed and recharged for the week ahead?

  22. There is almost ZERO chance that the Republicans re-take either house of Congress unless the election rigging machine is dismantled. How could they? Is the Media going to step out of the conspiracy? Are the RINOs? Are Facebook and Twitter? YOU CAN’T WIN A RIGGED FIGHT! Unless the Democrats are exposed, and everyone involved in the fixed election is prosecuted, and all the shitbags in the Deep State are taken-out, there is NO WAY to turn around and save America, because the Democrats, as of right now, can LEGALLY end democracy and the Constitution forever.

  23. This podcast is right on! I’ve been saying most of the same stuff for months and they either don’t listen, or don’t wanna hear it.
    Biden stood right there Election Day and said he and Barry stole that election. They’re screwing up our country and they’re doing it all on purpose. Who’s gonna stop it !?!

  24. 9/4/21 Patriots and digital warriors have known about all this fraud, deception, pedophilia and adrenochrome drinking on the part of dirty comprised Politicians, Republics, Democrats, Hollywood elite, Vatican, Elite Technology CEOs, Pedofiles and Royality for months and even years if you started out in the Trump Camp. The main problem if you want to call it a problem is Trump had to show all these Ignorance is bliss fellow citizens we call sheep or sleepers a little tiny baby piece of the big picture so they would not freak out because basically things in America and the World are so fuk up it is hard to believe. Plus we have China so far up our ass and were about to be taken over by the Communist China. Also the vast amount of Evil and sick pedofile people is astounding and what they have been doing to our millions of children in underground tunnels they call Dumbs. Looking forward to a future of Med beds, food replicators and 6000 new inventions and cures for all diseases, quantum Financial Systems, Quantum Voting System, digital wallets, less government, gold standard, Rainbow currency, No more wars, new alien races and space Force.


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