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The DML Podcast is 34-minutes long for this day July 29, 2022

Joe Biden has plans to give illegal aliens ID’s. Washington DC Mayor calls for the National Guard to help with illegal’s being bused in from the south. Governor DeSantis responds to a Florida bar which held a Drag show for children. Libs of Tiktok gets suspended from Facebook.

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  1. And from those IDs they’ll get drivers licenses and you won’t be able to tell who’s a citizen and who’s not when it comes to voting. They must think all of us conservatives are actually idiot Democrats. We don’t buy their shit.

  2. Well that’s a no brainer because probably some states are gonna pass ID required when voting and then this way the illegal aliens can vote for Democrats when threatened to do so

  3. Democrats in Congress & the Whitehouse must be laughing at the Republicans, knowing that they can get away with breaking laws & changing them at a moment’s notice when things don’t go their way & the Republicans can do nothing about it. I pray that when we win back the House & Senate, Republicans grow a spine, find their balls & go after these gutter rats with everything they have. I want to see Dems including those in the Whitehouse pay for all their crimes.

  4. Why do we have Customs agents closely checking passports in airports for incoming international flights, and at the same time, leave the southern border wide open? It’s like a submarine with a screen door. We have an idiot in the wheel house with an acute case of the dumbass.

  5. I would rather die than vote for these sideways lunatic democrats. I don’t care what they call me about being anti trans or anti gay. Call me what u want but these people are going to hell I may not be a saint but these folks are out of hand. They are whats wrong with this country. They hate anyone who doesn’t see it the way thry do!

  6. they broke the rules to get here, what makes him think they are here to follow rules? What a fu***ng moron. He has committed treason too many times since he’s been in office time to slap him in Gitmo

  7. So NOW the mayor of dc wants the national guard ?? Nevermind when Trump suggested it BEFORE 1/6 . She deserves whatever she gets glad it’s in HER backyard

  8. Hey Gilligan,how come your not bashing The greatest President ever Donald Trump today? And by the way Alec Lace is so much better to listen to.No more podcasts from you.Trump 2024.!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No- Body got 8K checks that’s BULLSHIT we got one 600.00 and 2 checks of 1,200.00 , Biden is an illedigimate Person in our WH anyways And why don’t he have to take the Cognative test??? Why is Biden selling our Country land to CHINA?

  10. They say about 2-3 million illegals got in here but no telling how many are voting age. I know theres some got aways that don’t get caught and counted. So if lots of American democrat voters decided to vote for republicans, we can still win.

  11. 🇺🇸 Refugees welcome 🇺🇸

    You say C19 is nothing to worry about ‘ as soon as you start talking about refugees C19 is the big bad bug that they all are carrying , they only want a better life WELCOME TO USA “””” YOU DO NOT OWN THIS COUNTRY ALEC & DLM 👹👺

    • 🥱 It’s DML not DLM and why are you following them. Illegals are NOT welcomed with their diseases only to end up with amnesty and life long Democrats! I’m sick of it! People come illegally to this country with NO LOVE OR RESPECT for this country and with that comes people with no respect for our laws. Come to my neighborhood and you’ll see mattresses throw on the side walk, fast food bags and trash dumped outside their car or in parking lots! ABSOLUTELY NO PRIDE for our country and keeping it clean because they don’t care! It’s not only them, but their offspring born here who weren’t shown any better.

      • I hear you Julie , sadly we need to welcome all good refugees .. people like DLM need to help them then BASHING them xx

  12. Hi,
    Quick question, do the Gummies expire? I have some from a couple of years ago and wanting to know if they’re still good.
    DML I know you’re for DeSantis, no questions there. What are your thoughts about McCain’s daughter, Jeb Bush and Ben Shapiro gung ho over DeSantis for 2024? Thanks


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