DML Podcast Daily Review: Sheriff on Arizona border tells DML what it’s REALLY like out there…

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The Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Monday featured a powerful interview with Sheriff Mark Dannels from the Tucson sector of Arizona.

Dannels explained to DML just how bad things really are at the border, where cartels and illegal alien criminals are getting bolder every day.

The interview was released on the same day that Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins announced that sources within Customs and Border Protection privately told him the December migrant encounters number will surpass 250,000 for the first time in history.

Highlight clips of DML’s podcast show are being posted to his Twitter and Facebook accounts each day. Below are the three clips from today’s interview with Sheriff Dannels:

DML noted that under current law in the United States, it is actually illegal to hire people in the country illegally, who do not have a permit to work in the country.

Dannels responded, “We’ve watched over the last two years, this president, this Congress and this administration open up our border and place America second.”

“Border security has been set aside… nobody’s talking about border security. Immigration, the laws on the books, work, the rule of law works, but when you negate it for political ideologies, we get an open border and that’s what we have,” Dannels continued.

“All they’re doing is brightening up the carrot to come to America because there are no consequences, no matter how you get here,” the sheriff continued, as he blasted the Biden administration.


In another portion of the interview, DML asked about much control the cartels have over the border, and how badly are they dominating in American communities.

Sheriff Dannels said the cartels from California to Texas control what crosses the southwest border.

“They’re making billions of dollars on the back of this administration’s open borders,” he said.

To even enter the region, the cartels charge a $1,500 fee. Then the migrants pay another $7,000 per person to cross the border, which allows three attempts, the sheriff explained.

Dannels also said the Tucson sector leads the nation in the number of gotaways, including constant assaults on law enforcement.


DML also asked Sheriff Dannels if the illegal immigration would end if America cut off the incentives for people to come, and started enforcing e-Verify.

Dannels admitted that the jobs are drawing people to come to American, but explained that he doesn’t believe the Biden administration even wants to stop the flood of illegal aliens coming across the border. Dannels clarified that it’s not because this administration wants the labor, but simply because they want open borders.

RATING FROM ANNETA: I’ve been rating DML on his show each day, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being a total failure, and 10 being “hit it out of the ballpark!”

For this interview, I’m going to stretch it, and give DML a 10+! Where else do you get information like this?  Other media outlets may interview a sheriff on the border for 5 minutes.   DML gave this sheriff an entire hour to lay it all out, and explain many of the issues law enforcement is facing on the border, that most Americans never get to hear.

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DML Podcast (Ep.12/2023) Interview with Sheriff Mark Dannels from the southern border in AZ


  1. Fantastic interview! Eyes wide open, I am not surprised in the least. The Marxist communists are playing the long con. If you are not familiar with Cloward-Piven, the agenda born decades ago, please research it. The commies plan to destroy the United States by flooding the welfare system with indigents from the turd world. And we are watching it happen right now.

  2. If these people are so desolate where are they getting 7,500 dollars per person ? December crossings 250,000 people X 7,500 dollars that’s George Soros math !
    1,875,000,000 it’s a group of billionaires funding the insanity.

  3. Ben Berquam has been down at the border risking his life for the past 2 years. Excellent video footage exposing the sad truth of what is really happening. Hard to watch, but we all need the truth. RAV & LFA have daily coverage.


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