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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast was powerful on Friday.

DML started off reading a text message he received from a Russian refugee.  She says the USA is a corrupt country and that the communism is already in place via the Democrats.

This is a must listen podcast.  Please be sure to share.

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  1. They want to make war with white Americans
    It’s all over the sins of our forefathers and the ignorance of a few racist idiots
    It doesn’t matter to them that some of us don’t have a racist bone in our body
    Myself I’ve worked and have been friends with black people good relationships
    This evil that has spread across the earth is demonic and of the devil
    We will all no matter what color you are have to stand before the judgement seat of Christ Jesus

  2. Nigel Farage said the Communists started using mail-in voting & rigged machines 20 years ago to take over the EU. So it’s a weapon used to overthrow nations.

  3. ive been on that country ..we so lucky we came in this with country with freedom of rights , freedom of choice ,freedom of speech ,freedom of religion , .integrity of election all of the sudden , all of this is abolished of corrupt democrat politicians ,they sold out their country just because of money and power ..our children learned 2020 presidential the word DISPUTED…DISPUTED

  4. To live in Communism is the worst and the Democrats and liberals have turned this Nation into a country where our freedom is disappearing.
    Are we as a country going to let this happen? Or are we going to fight for freedom?
    Again to do nothing will cost us all.

    • If we the people 74 million of us do something together it could be powerful not allow our country to go to socialism or lose anymore freedoms

    • All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing, attributed to Edmond Burke. Wiser words have rarely been spoken.

  5. This is why I voted for president Trump, he is a God loving man an love’s our country .The democrats are communist an care nothing for the American people !!! They are disgusting and pure evil 😈 it’s so obvious they are on Satan’s side .God is working on his time an the word as we know will win satan has no chance !!!!!! The democrats literally make me sick an are pure evil !!!!!

  6. Its heartbreaking what is happening to America
    Look at china and george soros to blame
    Sometimes though you have to pick a hill to die on or your descendants will blame you.
    George soros has backed secretary of states through the country.
    What if scotus dont take up the case? They are human and have families that can be threatened.

  7. we are a communist country you hear right on the button DML you kidding me look at what’s happening what else is it you know damn well it’s true don’t sugarcoat it it’s a fact and were in the hell do we go now Democrats are super criminals man they are criminals FBI corrupted criminals CIA a lot of them criminals it’s true President Trump was our only hope the greatest president that’s ever been in the history of America or the world and God help us if we lose him but I don’t look at any help if we do God can’t fix everything

  8. I know we need to fight back!!! No Dennis you did not get the figures wrong for the election and covid, but we did not expect the all the cheating and lies, 😑😑


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