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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 44-minutes for this day, December 14, 2021.

A new Wall Street Journal poll shows a rough road for Trump. Kamala Harrison is dumbfounded by the recharging stations for electric cars. Alec Lace interviews Dr. Mariela Roca who is running for U.S. Congress.

Plus a special message from Dennis Michael Lynch.

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  1. Ron De Santis, would be a landslide. Would get back all that disliked the man, but loved his policies
    Candice Owens as VP.
    WE CANNOT WIN WITH TRUMP, I voted for him twice, best we ever had but more dislike him now than before.

  2. Yeah yeah can say whatever you like – honestly the survey poll means very little and Tons of shite can happen between now and bullocks – just being honest.

  3. I think the poll is very accurate. We cant deny that Trump has been sabotaged by the news media and a tad over 50% of America. He has no mainstream forum to reach the numbed minds if undecided Americans.

    DeSantis is getting a lot of mainstream news exposure where he owns them. The democrats have almost 3 years to continue chopping at Trump with kangaroo courts, arrest of politicians and allies of Trump, negative fake news media, etc.

    Trump needs to embrace a samurai warrior humbleness and step aside and anoint DeSantis to go and slay the democrats in 2024. A good gimmick is Trump can endorse DeSantis to be POtus and DeSantis can endorse Trump to be the next Florida governor. A win win for everyone.

  4. Personally, I don’t believe Trump is running again. But I believe there will be a like minded individual who will run and carry his agenda forward…without the mean tweets. We know what that agenda is. If we don’t defeat the fascist communists that are trying to bring this country down, it’s game over!! Trump’s job now is to reshape Congress with true American candidates that are not RINOS. If we take back the House and Senate, then we have a chance.


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