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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 46-minutes for this day, December 15, 2021.

  • President Biden sides with Congress to raise the debt ceiling.
  • A Trump appointed Federal judge rejects Trump’s bid to block the release of his tax returns.
  • How do New Yorkers feel about 800,000 non-citizens being allowed to vote in city elections?
  • Should a drunk driver who kills a parent be required to pay a child maintenance fee until the child is 18? Alec Lace interviews a mother trying to pass Bentley’s Law.

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  1. Joe the appointed president doesn’t know what he’s talking about to raise a debt ceiling when you add your freaking mind he is he has no mind He’s like the scarecrow that never has a mind. We need to get rid of him impeach impeach and peach impeach

  2. Alec Thank You So Much For Being With Us These Days!! You Have Done Such A Great Job & It’s Been A Pleasure To Have You! Keep Up The Good Work!! 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  3. Tremendous podcast today a real.much needed wake up call and may God bless this family that has lost so very much thank you Alec for all you do and have done !!

  4. Pulling cash from drunk drivers may work but Bentley’s law will not work on these felony cases. You cant squeeze blood from a rock. When these drunk drivers are released from prison, they are on parole and they will jot be able to find work. If by miracle they find a job they will lose it when their employer receives a court order to reveal wages of their employee.

    You are better off putting liens on real estate and assets. You cant expect a penny from felons who are unemployable.


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