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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 69-minutes for this day, Dec 16.

DML returns after 8-days away.

The topic is Omicron and how the only freedom there is in Florida. The remaining states are wearing masks and being mandated to death.

Listen to the program. There is no video today.

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  1. My friends got the booster I hope they’re okay. Not me I’m done with this, Joe garbage that’s all they want to do is go up and garbage Joe garbage Joe I love it

  2. DML, I’m responding to your test taking remarks. Your remarks re-infuriated me because of a recent test taking experience. I am 62y.o. and have been a plumber for 35 years and at one point held a plumbing license in three states. I ran a very legitimate successful plumbing business the last 20years and managed 10plus employees. I consider myself to be a very mechanically inclined person and a very good plumber.I recently shut down my business and moved to another state to retire but wanted to maintain the ability to work but my license was not reciprocal with Arizona so I was forced to take a written test. The location for the test was a testing only type of facility, meaning they offered tests for many different trades etc. I am the type of person who cannot stand a classroom environment and never have. In high school, the only classes I enjoyed were auto shop, wood shop and physical education. The testing facility was a one and half hour drive each way. I am a very poor test taker and always have been.So, of course I purchased books and materials to study for the test. I failed the first time even though it was a timed open book test. I ran out of time. I took the test two more times and still did not pass. I was so frustrated, I could hardly contain myself!
    Why do they design test to set you up for failure. This country is really fucked up.
    I ended up moving from there anyway.

  3. I live in Orange County, California and we are free we don’t wear masks anymore anywhere except for the federal building which I work in and the hospitals everywhere else my family and my 91-year-old mother we don’t wear masks my mom has a great immune system we all do we haven’t got Covid, My mom takes the CBD that DML sells every day, 2 gummies and I’m not allowed to I work for the government, What’s help me is my great immune system plus D3, zinc, vitamin C and that’s it I’ve been exposed many times working at the federal building I haven’t gotten it. I will not live in Florida even though we have family there it’s too damn hot to dam muggy.

    • ….Also I went to a Christian school in Orange County, CA, Christmas show yesterday and nobody wore masks it’s a beautiful thing all the children unmasked, It’s a beautiful thing I’d have to say in Orange County California we are free. I know friends of ours they did a school walk out and the districts lost tons of money so as for now the kids aren’t wearing masks.


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