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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 62-minutes long for this day, Dec 2.

DML is joined by Alec Lace. The two speak about the top news of the day, including GOP senators moving to block Biden to pay illegal aliens $450k.

Plus, DML and Lace speak about the school shooting in Michigan. DML explains how the left is attacking Alec for his tweets about BLM.

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  1. I lost two daughters to cystic fibrosis second generation agent Orange from their father where is my money for being separated from my children

  2. Dennis:

    On school shootings, I wonder if the establishment of so called ‘safe spaces’ and the imposition of ‘speech codes’ isn’t also a factor. Our children are no longer allowed to learn how to deal with disappointment and hearing things they don’t like, so once they see something on social media their anger then goes all the way to eleven. Then we left to suffer from whatever opportunity the insulted has at his/her hands.

  3. Maybe we Americans should denounce our citizenship and cross the border … sounds like it’s probably tax free, we would get free housing, education, healthcare plus 450,000 in the bank.
    And….. no jabs, no papers, and can do pretty much anything we like.

  4. We all can stop this senile old evil child of Satan and his children
    All we have to do is use the 2 It’s there to take out regimes like this.
    After 36 republicans voted for that thing It’s up to us


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