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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 56-minutes for this Friday, Dec 3.

DML covers an array of topics, including:
– Alec Baldwin’s horrible interview with ABC
– Biden’s latest disaster (aka jobs numbers)
– The View’s Whoopi says bizarre statement about black babies and adoption
– Covid prison style camps explained by “prisoner”
– Fauci pushes for more craziness

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  1. He is crazy enough to have shot this person. He gets in the streets in NYC and punches people as he thinks he is above the law. He and big nose murderer Cuomo belong in prison. No loss to society.

  2. You know even though I despise the man I was willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt because I do know someone that discharged a gun by accident, thank God nobody was hurt but himself so it does happen but to sit there and denied that he pulled the trigger is complete and utter BS, own up to it, the man I knew that accidentally shot his hand he admitted what a stupid thing he did by not checking the chamber and assuming it wasn’t load but guns don’t go off on there own and he needs to own it and be a man not a pussy.

  3. This Australia thing is just horrifying those poor people are literally prisoners in thier own country its beyond outrageous just gutwrenching

    Enough is enough we HAVE to stand up against this or we are DOA


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