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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40 minutes for this day.

DML covers three stories:

  1. Gov DeSantis and his statements about transgender procedures
  2. Whoopi Goldberg appears to suggest God approves of abortions
  3. Alex Jones looks like a lying idiot in court room

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    • Exactly…as are most of the ones so dead set on having abortions on demand, the remaining ones are just jumping on the abortion train thinking it makes them some kind of freedom rider,not realizing they are condoning the murder of millions of babies.

  1. Is Whoopi having conversations with God. Lol I don’t think so. Watch out for that snake. It makes you do things that normally is wrong. Satan has control of her. She’s gonna find out when he’s done with her. She is a fascists pig. Tictoc

  2. Whoopi is delusional she just justifying all her abortions by using God anyone that listens to this idiot pathetic pathological liar is just as bad as her.

  3. No! God does not approve! You Whoopie Goldberg do not get to blame this on God! You murdered 7 babies of your own FREE WILL through abortion! No value for human life and your selfish deeds will come back to haunt you one day, wait for it…There are consequences for choices we make in life. People who murder the “unborn” should be sentenced to prison and get put on “death row”! Instead, she’s living and breathing a “rich” celebrity lifestyle with no punishment…and spreads her evil on the “View” every single day

    • I was about to say she looks like those “old white men” she dislikes so much. I’m checking the Declaration of Independence to see if she may have signed it…..

  4. If God creates man then why would he want you to kill babies????? Totally ridiculous! Anyone who buys into that idea is just as stupid as Whoopi!

  5. First of all, Whoopi is one of the dumbest people on TV. She likes to think she sounds smart, but she’s way off the mark. And what’s with that mop on top of her head? She goes out of her way to make herself look even uglier than she already is

  6. Whoopi, what the hell is wrong with you? I guess your God is on drugs. My God would not be happy. Back in the day you were great. Now you are no longer respected. Shame on you.


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