DML Podcast (Ep.102) It’s official, DeSantis announces his campaign for president

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Today, DML covers the following:

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Governor Ron DeSantis filed to run for president today, and he made the official announcement on Twitter.  The launch didn’t go all too well due to technical difficulty, but DML focuses more on the campaign itself and what his entry means to the Republican Party, the 2024 race, and the battle with Trump.

Also on the show today, Target making an epic mistake selling pride clothing for babies, North Face goes woke, and a black woman explains why she will no longer rent her home to black Americans.

Video Starts at 8:00 PM EST.


  1. Sorry Bud, I think there are too many staunch Trump maga people. We are NOT going to change horses mid stream. Too many on the RINO side want you. Too many little glaring problems if one knows where to look. Not your time and if you don’t get away from people like Gates, Soros, Paul Ryan, I have no use for you. You can do all the “Trump” like things you want, it does not make you Trump. There is work to be done/finished, that only Trump can tend to. Worry more about the cheating and colossal crimes the left/DS are doing.

    • Even though DML just spend this entire video debunking, once again, how DeSantis is the furthest thing from a RINO. You Trump cultists are insane!!!! Like a leftist on crack.

      • Chad…sounds like you’re a Trump hater. …maybe a troll. Either way DeSantis is too close to the Bush, Ryan and too many to count Never Trumpers. He’s a stooge for the swamp. Trump 2024!!!!

  2. People need to ask the question as to why desantis waited so long to announce his presidency, and why all the elites and mega doners are jumping on the band wagon, can you say Obama all over again

  3. I don’t intend to bad talk DeSantis. I know he’s doing pretty damn good in FL. I’m gonna watch this play out and make my decision come time to vote in the primary. A lot of new happenings in the news every day, that’s for sure.

  4. I think you’re really out of touch with election fraud. How could you say you don’t believe there was enough fraud that Trump lost the election? How can you even give this broadcast? And you can say you support trump but I’ve heard you bash him over and over. De sanctimonious is definitely backed by the Rinos. Do your homework next time. This podcast is a bunch of BS.

  5. I agree with your thoughts about the polls and Trump losing to Biden/DeSantis beating Biden. So far that is what they are showing.

    But Dennis attempt to convince the die-hard Trump people, you know what they will come back with “Look at the polls in 2016”.
    What would be your response to those comments?

    • NICOLE, Too many weak women commenting and taking the establishment rino talking points. now is the time for tough men to take the lead. If you want 4 more years of a biden presidency vote for DeSantis. Trump is the right man for the job. He deserves your support. Trump 2024!!!

  6. Chad…sounds like you’re a Trump hater. …maybe a troll. Either way DeSantis is too close to the Bush, Ryan and too many to count Never Trumpers. He’s a stooge for the swamp. Trump 2024!!!!

  7. If they don’t fix the election no matter who runs no republican will win. My father is a very good judge of character and Ron has a problem . My father doesent trust him and people who helped him to be Governor he never called them to thank him and that lacks character. I believe Trump will fight for us keep us out of wars and he will fix the election process. Ron would do the same but he won’t fix the election and he won’t be as good as Trump with the economy. Trump says we all the time. One last thing fetterman didn’t win Trump didn’t lose and no one is willing to fix the election we will be doing the same thing in I tried voting 10 am

  8. DML, you talk about coming together as the Republican Party where’s DeSantis loyalty to our party by not standing with Trump, knowing that this is Trumps last ride that he has work to finish and DeSantis could run in 2028? As for beating Biden I don’t think he’s going to make it that far his own party wants him out he is not useful to them anymore and are they already cheating?

  9. I like DeSantis, but Pres. Trump has the larger record, is the Democrats’ greatest fear, and has paid a far heavier price in our defense. Less drama? If DeSantis closes in on the nomination, the Dims and their media will demonize him just as they do Trump. They’ve already started, and even Casey DeSantis has been targeted. Big donors? The same donors would be there in 2028.

    Had DeSantis fallen in line behind Pres. Trump and given him his full support, he could have walked into the presidency in 2028. But he didn’t, so now he’ll lose the support of the MAGA base and may never become president. I’m disappointed by his choice — he just wasn’t as smart as I thought.

    I want a president who will take on the Deep State, not play spoiler for it. I had hoped to see Trump-DeSantis in 2024. Now I’m beginning to think Trump-Lake or even Trump-Kennedy, the ultimate anti-Deep State unification ticket.

  10. I am MAD AS HELL trump must have DeSantis must run together what trump has done is give the democrats the next election by haveing 1/2 vote ing for trump and 1/2 for DeSantis why can’t they see this

  11. Let’s just hope who ever the Republican nominee is that they have a fighting chance.
    Not so sure how this will turn out now but will be very interesting.
    Always enjoy your views DML.

  12. Don’t be fooled by DeSantis!!! He’s backed by Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Carl Robe and the globalists. He took pac money that is funded by George Soros. DeSantis needs to take money from donors because he doesn’t have money of his own. He will be owned by the billionaire globalists. Pretty scary


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