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The DML Podcast is 37 minutes for this day June 16, 2022.

Dr. Fauci tests positive for Covid 19 the day before he is scheduled to testify for the Senate Health Committee. John Kerry says there’s no need to drill for more oil. Twitter employees are caught bragging about deplatforming President Trump and plotting to ban Libs of Tiktok from Twitter. A sixth grade teacher comes out to her students. Plus more!

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  1. Stop it! FRAUDZI did not test positive for any thing. Pcr tests are fraudulent. The so called virus has never been isolated period.

  2. Why do sixth graders need to know how their teacher prefers to use ITS genitals??
    This is clearly a case of contributing to the delinquency of minors; the teacher might as well show them porn.

  3. AMERICA is expecting COVID-19 case increases UNTIL after the elections!!! Stupid Democrats want ALL ballots to be MAILED in….. so they can AGAIN gain control of America AND further “perfect” their SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST CONTROL/CORRUPTION! (Truth Hurts?)

  4. This 6th grade teacher says she
    “feels safe” being in the classroom with these children. She has a personal problem
    concerning her identity issues that makes her feel unsafe otherwise such that she feels the need to involve these children to
    help her feel better about herself. She is an example of the women and the feminized men that are emotionally disturbed and
    racked with fear and apprehension about their dysphoria and place in society. She doesn’t belong in a classroom but in a psychiatrist’s office.

  5. yeah Gay Pride a bunch of men trying to be more gayer then the gay next to him.

    man in leather bumless pants. Not for me


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