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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 34-minutes for this day, January 26.

DML is joined by Alec Lace.

The discussion is immigration and how it is destroying the job market for youngsters and laborers.

The two men also speak about the lack of work ethic that is chipping away at society.

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  1. I grew up in Los Angeles in the 70s. Most of our construction businesses, home renovation and janitorial companies were operated and employed by Black people. After Reagan’s amnesty, I literally saw the black businesses evaporate as tsunami of Mexican and El Salvadorian illegal aliens piled in and took these jobs.

  2. Between the illegals and the blacks
    America is gone They make up the 98% of all welfare programs and housing and free everything Both groups take everything until there is nothing left Except a hellhole they create. Oh America has some great black people But rarely do they ever speak up against their crimes against white people Why ? Because they too buy into the white privilege crap. When white people fight back It’s not going to be pretty There is no progress anymore We are back to Before the 1800’s. All because of what ? Freebies !
    The sad part is neither group died giving us the freedoms . They enjoy . It was white people who fought King George To get rid of his tyranny And made us a nation We are Not a land of immigrants A revolutionary war made us A sovereign nation. Now those in this regime want us to cease being a nation. That’s why that border is open. And that’s why we must rise And we all know what must be done to save our nation Those same bastards never gave the Indian any say in their country But illegals walk in and take over. People who do not come legally Because they like black People don’t join they take. Because they never created their own country.
    And now white people have exactly zero anything
    Where is the privilege ?
    Oh I forgot Bend-cover and say thank you to the bastards who perpetrated this whole White privilege crap.
    It’s other whites that are doing this Only a fool can’t see it’s the same type that killed the Indians. And keep the blacks as slaves to their system of welfare

  3. I disagree that the hustle isn’t in kids of today. I know of an amazing young man who works as an executive for a major company and beat out college graduates to get that job. When he is done with that job he starts working on his own company. He is a very hard worker!

  4. Who can live on welfare and entitlements that’s just not enough for anyone . working at a job gives you a great sense of self worth . So i don’t agree a large population is going to live off the system not everyone is like that no matter what race they are.

    • If they are getting free housing medical schooling food which they are they don’t contribute to the economy. They can live moderately. They find odd cash paying jobs. CA is a big place where they do this. In know I lived it. The sanctuary states are federally funded and have their own laws. That’s why they come. Their version of a better life is the free options they have.


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