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The DML Podcast is 48-minutes for today June 29, 2022

Cassidy Hutchinson testifies that she heard President Trump attempted to assault a Secret Service agent and tried to grab the steering wheel of a moving vehicle. Her testimony is immediately challenged. Elmo begs kids to get vaccinated in a new Sesame Street video. Nancy Pelosi received Holy Communion at the Vatican despite her strong pro-choice views.

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  1. It’s ALL heresay from this imbecile and HERESAY is dismissed as a rule, defenetely made up just like everything else they have done to Trump , LIES with stupid people actually believing, and of course this treasonous committee ALLOWS it.

  2. Hearsay…not admissible in any court PLUS it would be impossible for the President to grab the steering wheel in the Beast

  3. Oh let Fancy Nancy have her little piece of bread, it’s not going to help her where she’s going anyway 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cassidy Hutchinson: “Hey, yeah so like I like heard, you know, that Trump wanted to go to the Capitol one time, and they wouldn’t, like, take him, and he was, like, >so< pissed."
    Bennie Thompson (leaning forward): "Do go on…"


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