DML Podcast (Ep.12/2023) Interview with Sheriff Mark Dannels from the southern border in AZ

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Today the DML Podcast is 55-minutes.

DML interviews Sheriff Mark Dannels from Arizona.  Dannels is in the middle of all the border disasters happening in the Tucson sector.  Laden with cartels and criminal aliens, Dannels explains how bad things really are today.  An eye opening interview, to say the least.

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  1. If cheap labor is the issue this needs to be our message.. the illegals aliens are the new slaves if we the right and middle don’t get together and push that message we will never win. That needs to be the message by each and every person in office on the right. But your guy Desantis has to start at home. FL is one of the worst places. Not one person cleaning rooms speak English. Cut off the handouts to lazy Americans.

  2. One of your best podcasts… so real and credible that I found myself not wanting to continue to listen. It’s downright scary what is happening. Why, OH WHY, will our MSM not bring this insight to public attention, how the Biden administration is deliberately destroying our national security. It is truly bewildering to me, and I thought I heard you struggling a few times with the same during your interview.

    One question you did not ask: If the cartels are charging $7,000 or more person, where are the immigrants getting the money to pay these fees. Are they simply agreeing to become indentured slaves as many immigrants did early in our country’s history? At any rate, DML, thanks for your reporting, even if you do sometimes scare the bejesus out of the likes of me.

  3. Walked into a new Ace hardware, saw a clerk, “I thought” proceeded to ask a question and young guy sticks his phone in my face says “no English ” phone translate it startled me first of all, I just walked out “unbelievable ” I’m seeing this more and more.


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