DML Podcast (Ep 13/2023) Interview with Lt Col Tony Shaffer about the risks facing our national security

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The DML Podcast is 65-minutes for today.

DML interviews Lt Col Tony Shaffer about the national security risks facing America.
1. China risks.
2. World Economic Forum.
3. Drug Cartels.
4. Wokeness in the military.
5. Financial security, the US dollar is vulnerable.
6. Hacking and spying.
7. Pandemics.
8. Who is better for America, Trump or DeSantis
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Listen and watch the full version in audio and video on

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  1. Another excellent podcast ,the past 2 have been tremendous listening to actual Intelligent ,experienced REAL people in the actual kNOW . Thank you

  2. One of the best Podcasts I have ever listened to. Really an eyeopener. These liberals don’t realize how much china owns joe biden’s testicles.


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