DML Podcast: (Ep. 141) Why DML flips his 2024 support back to Trump after FBI raid

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one-hour today.

DML covers an array of topics:

-Reports claim Trump raid was about nuke documents
-Gov Abbott sending illegals to liberal cities, brilliant
-The price you’ll pay for 87k IRS agents
-DML shifts his support back to Trump 2024
-Interview with CEO of GiveSendGo, and why Alex Jones is raising money
-DML explains update on his health
-New deal for DML CBD Softgels
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  1. Dennis,
    Most of the time I’m not able to listen to your inspiring podcasts due to being in mixed company, at work, etc…

    Any chance you could provide a transcript of your talks?

    Thanks, buddy. Keep up the great work.


    • Who really cares? DML just like the rest of us is capable of making his own choices. I don’t vote according to what anyone tells me, I research from a variety of sources and make up my own mind. If DML likes DeSantis, then switches back to Trump or visa versa, no big deal. What he or anyone else does or thinks isn’t influencing me. Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.

  2. Always stay with Trump. The evil ones are out to get him. DeSantis will have his turn in the future. He is a great man. But I. The Jean time we must fight for Trump. He is being attacked by the evil ones in Washington and our corrupt FBI.I’m glad you are seeing the light.. it’s good vs evil. Maybe you didn’t realize how bad it really is..,

    • Darlene, I agree with you as you are agreeing with DML. I especially agree with DML on his comment about holding the swamp accountable. They know Trump would seek justice against them, so my greatest concern is that they will do ANYTHING it takes to stay in power, including cheating on counting ballots in the mid terms and in 2024. We MUST have transparency in every part of the election process or we’re doomed.

      • Very true. The cheating really concerns me. I know many states are like Minnesota, finally came out and said that the drop off boxes were against the law there. So we do know there was alot of fraudulent votes in the last election. We can’t allow that to happen again.
        I feel Trump is who should be our leader in the next election. Let him finish what he started. And we know that fighting the corruption in Washington is not for the faint of heart… GO TRUMP…

      • Very true. The cheating really concerns me. I know many states like Minnesota, finally came out and said that the drop off boxes were against the law there. So we do know there was alot of fraudulent votes in the last election. We can’t allow that to happen again.
        I feel Trump is who should be our leader in the next election. We know that fighting the elites in Washington is not for the faint of heart. Let him finish what he started.

      • Very true. The cheating really concerns me. I know many states like Minnesota, finally came out and said that the drop off boxes were against the law there. So we do know there was alot of fraudulent votes in the last election. We can’t allow that to happen again.
        We know that fighting the elites in Washington is not for the faint of heart.

  3. Its like the Democrats are trying to pull TRUMP into the SWAMP and drown him. The people won’t let that happen. Remember, it’s 3 months from the midterms. Do you really think the migrants don’t pay ATTENTION to what’s going on here. They escaped this kind of SH’T themselves.

  4. DML is Fickle. Everyone with half a brain knows we need Trump in 2024 in DeSantis 2028 and there after. It’s gonna take a good 12 years to clean up the mess are in!

  5. Come on guys!! Positive thoughts only! Keep the vibration high! Everybody’s entitled to their opinion people, we don’t have to rag on somebody for their thoughts! We all have questions that aren’t being answered! As long as we’re on the side of the “white hats” we’re all in this together! WWG1WGA….

  6. DML…nice to see that you came to your senses! I enjoy you news feeds and Check in numerous times throughout the day. However I disagreed 100% with your lack of support for President Trump. Not sure why you couldn’t see what the overwhelming majority of your subscribers could clearly see. Maybe you aren’t as sharp and smart as you think you are. DML…just don’t go back to your bro-love garbage with DeSantis. When his time comes , I will support him with as much enthusiasm as I give President Trump…just not at this time. Trump will be back in the White House as our next president.

    • Get lost with your two bit comments. Senses? You’re a joke. My rationale was explained very clearly. Use a real name, chicken shits are frowned upon.

  7. We need to clean house in government, maybe even dissolve it..not sure how..civil war? We need patriots running this country! The system as is sucks. All I know is, we have lost our way.

  8. If he’s not a person that wants a to hear other long whatever I’m sure he’s not a person that’s going to pack his own boxes…

  9. Well he was still President when he landed in PB . anything he had while President he can be declassified.

    I dont trust anything the FBI took out of Mar a logo as being legit first no lawyer or witness was present . nothing was itemized. Warrant was not given to lawyer and was sealed and showed from 10ft away .
    FBI wanted security cameras off ! Why?

    All this smells set up . These agents are not constitutional!

    American Gestopo .

  10. I think everybody has the right to change course and DML is very open and honest on how he feel about Trump.. the good snd the bad. Changing one’s mind of a held opinion can happen when things change. I will NEVER waiver on being a Trump fan because my dad’s thoughts and personality was so much like Trump and my father was my hero.

    • I agree. After ALL that man has gone through by the swamp, he deserves All our support. He may not have the greatest bed side manner but I voted for a fighter for us, the US Citizens, not a polished phony politician. They are a dime a dozen in Washington…

  11. About your pain DML the CBD sounds like a success for your known problems, I can’t imagine it being the cause of your pain. Is there such a thing as over dosing on CBD? The liver handles it okay? I just know I have not been ill since using the tincture every night for going on two years now. I find it an incredible health benefit. Prays for good results Monday!

    • HM, definitely not bc the government needs that many at the IRS!
      Since we can’t trust anyone in this government there might be another purposes for these IRS new employees, who are not CPA’s. Maybe when the Sodom and Gomorrah saga more developed in our country, they find a place with our military since thousands and thousands of our soldiers were thrown out by refusing the Corona vaccines! These IRS hires don’t have to have a job qualification nor a CPA license! I find this more than strange!

  12. DML-
    Thank you for reading my email,it made my day and my family loved it!!
    it’s funny when I heard about the FBI raid I started to change my mind and vote for Trump.

    You’ve been in my prayers..did the drs say anything about gluten? My son with MS is on a gluten-free diet and takes great care of himself. Makes a huge difference eliminating the gluten.

    By the way,we received our DML gummies/mints today and he’s starting on those today-very excited!
    Thanks for the great deal! 🙂
    God Bless!

  13. Happy to have you back, DML❤️ DeSantis is still the leader for 2028, but just for 2024, I worried that all the wrong people were pushing him lol.

    And if the left is still this terrified of Trump, it lets me know he’s the man for the job.

  14. Just read the news from NY Post the FBI found 11 sets of classified documents. Like what Dennis said, these could be planted or that they knew they were there in June, that was why they demanded that a second lock be installed, this is the way to make it bad for him. The whole point here is, they don’t want him to run inn2024. This is a developing news and may not be accurate.

  15. Ad for hiring new IRS need to be able to use GUN and LETHAL force and fighting fitness
    (recruiting mercenary??). No accounting experience mentioned

  16. I understand Gudat, I agree, and my understanding from Don Trump Jr., the security tape machines were ordered turned off by the FBI. They were kept running. Will it be long before the tapes will motivate the FBI to make another rade on the Trumps? Will the tapes be used for showing the un-professional side of the FBI when no one is/was watching, or believed to be? When made public the tapes will be another nail in the Pride and Honor Of The FBI? Pride / Honor in Service, once lost can it ever be regained?

  17. Has your gallbladder been checked DML? I think the FBI and democrats are just making mountains out of mole hills to make Trump look bad and never find anything. Democrats are very evil. I pray all republicans get elected to get this country turned around.

  18. Warmest wishes for you getting better and thafs so wonderful about the great reduction in your inflammation !! It was great to hear your voice today but baby steps ok ?? Adding you to my prayer list ! Bless ya

  19. My husband had diverticulitis and he lost twenty pounds in the hospital. He lost an additional twenty pounds when he got home. Right now, he is on a special diet and hopefully, you get the answers you need. 🙏🏽💗🙏🏽💗🙏🏽

  20. I’m not really sure why, DML would be getting such slack for changing his mind, we live in a country where we are allowed to do that. I’ve been following DML since Newsmax, he has never steered any of us wrong, he was the one person that got us through the 2016 election, the 2020 election and he will get us through the 2024 election.

    I will always be a staunch Republican supporter, I have battled back-and-forth in my own mind what is best for this country, so for anyone to have doubts is completely normal. The one thing we don’t wanna do, we don’t bend the knee, and we don’t turn on each other. We have to have each other‘s back‘s. And we have to have trumps back. Write your congressman, Congress women whomever you think can help, never lose your faith. God bless the United States of America and God bless DML.

  21. Excellent podcast DML!! My prayers are with you that the docs can find the issue causing you so much pain and get you back to feeling better! God Bless!

  22. Happy to have you back Dennis! Hopefully after all the testing is completed you will have an answer and solution! Really enjoyed your pod cast today! I too have been faced with a scary not for certain diagnosis just yesterday. I will also have further testing. But I take my CBD GELS every day! I appreciate todays podcast because you, just like everyone else have the freedom to change their minds. Beyond that I appreciated your reasons for doing so and have to say I absolutely agree with you. I have followed you since 2016 months before the election. I stand behind you. Your dedication to Americans is unprecedented and yes if you ran for office my vote would go to you. Welcome to Florida the free world. I am originally from New Yok and lost a cousin, fireman in 911. My brother has permanent lung damage from that day. We moved from Georgia 2016 for the same reasons you left New York. Praying for health and happiness for you and your wonderful family. Hopefully you will keep on doing exactly what you do. You are the first news I read in the morning and the last one I check at night! I respect your opinions and I thank God every day for your truthful fact-based news good or bad! Saved my sanity!! Stay safe, prayers for resolution to your health issues, and thank you for being there for all of out here.

  23. Wow…. as I read these post you can see very clearly what’s wrong with our country. Why can’t we agree to disagree 🙄 it’s wrong to be a ass if someone doesn’t agree with you. Take whatever advice u want and move on. Americans need to come together even if we don’t agree on everything. We all bleed red, we all love our country and want back some normalcy and you do you and I do me. Thanks DML for having the balls to say how u feel even when people are assholes

  24. The minute I read about the raid on DJT I said out loud…I’m voting for Trump. Prior to this happening I was honestly on the fence. Trump 2024
    Prayers continue for u. 🙏

  25. The day I heard about the raid, I thought oh no, we really need DML’s input. I’m so glad you’re back; I hope you’re not overdoing. Take good care. We are entitled to our opinions. Your decisions are always well thought out, and they’re not about you; you always have others’ interest and benefits as well. God bless you DML.

    Praying for your step dad as well.

  26. I have the same feelings for Trump as DML but one thing is for sure, Trump has his own dog in the fight here, now its personal..
    As to something good he did.
    Trump tried to drain the swamp by issuing an executive order called Schedule F that would have put new employees answering to the President meaning, 88% of employees would be answerable to the PRESIDENT ONLY, NO UNIONS or red tape keeping the swamp going but a few months before the election and a win to Joe Biden ended all that hope. Trumps Schedule F, EO13957 came to an end….The government bloat now still continues..Read the excellent article in the EPOCH Times Wednesday July 6, 2022, ppA14 by Jeffrey Tucker…

  27. Dear DML…. please look into WFPB way of eating (whole foods plant based) for your health! It has been a lifesaver for me…. my bp is great now, cholesterol good, and I am in better shape than my siblings who are 12/13 years younger. All those preservatives, chemicals and high fat in our American diet are causing horrible inflammation, pain, and diseases! Google Dr Caldwell essyelstyn (also Jane esselstyn), chef AJ, Dr Michael Gregor, the China study, forks over knives, movie “the game changers” on prime or netflix. Sent up a prayer today for you and your family! Ps i was waffling between Trump and DeSantis too after the Saudi Arabia stuff, but the fbi raid has cemented my Trump vote now!
    Thank you for reporting truthful news! I read your news every day!

  28. Hey DML. Don’t feel you have to do a podcast every day. You won’t lose any listeners. I found myself looking forward to your next one even more. When it’s everyday, i have to listen, cause im hooked, but sometimes i dont have the time. When it’s once a week or whatever, i have the time to listen at my leisure… So not only is it good for your health, it may be even better to have people wait a little to hear you.

  29. I wish Trump was thinking ahead of these scumbags and never brought anything from the Whitehouse — just left the shit there

    Then what would they have to say!
    Same with Jan 6 he should have known that they would
    Have planted evil to make it look like Trumpers we’re bad
    Trump has to think 5 steps ahead of the scumbags
    Pray he has 2024 thinking way ahead love him needs to be pres again so we can have a great America again ❤️

  30. I couldn’t agree with you more, Dennis. As a long time FL resident who appreciates how effective DeSantis is, I preferred he be our candidate. That having been said, I would have had no hesitation in voting for Trump again. This whole Mar a Lago raid shifted my perspective and now I want Trump to run again. He is the only one who will be stronglu motivated to clean house. I am hoping that he won’t make the same kind of hiring mistakes that he did the first time around.


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