DML Podcast: (Ep.147) The GOP is losing ground, how they can lose November

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes today.

DML discusses the most recent blunder by the GOP, and how Trump and top leadership are on different pages. The risk is losing in November.

DML provides insight and examples on how the Republicans can stop the bleeding.

DML also provides an update on some personal matters. And he announces a new deal at DML CBD.

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  1. DML Seeing a picture of you you look thin already. It’s a huge struggle for me. Maybe you could share what you do and what you eat.

  2. The GOP led by McCarthy and McConnell will lose unless those two establishment asses change , fat chance of that though as they seem to be paid and bought for. How else to explain how two supposedly intelligent men acting the way they do ?

    • “S” Can you elaborate on what the deal is? Some specifics would be helpful, it seems you have the inside scoop on DML. I would love to know what the deal is and I bet everyone else would to. You seem very knowledgeable, are you Brian Stelter by any chance?

    • I agree. Trump is not prim and proper like the other phony politicians. What you see is what you get. His policies were great and he made us safe. I really don’t care about the frilly phony bull sh*t and all the pretense. I’m with Trump. He is the only one who will get these corrupt people out and get good people in. He made good choices o the Supreme Court. He loves and respects our military and first responders. He believes in law and order. And wants our police to be real police… so whomever wants anyone else, has that right, but remember the consequences when if we vote in w weakling like what we have now.

  3. McConnell already has thrown in the towel, saying it doesn’t look good for republicans he says?? He wants to lose the senate if you ask me, hates trump!!!

  4. DML, so glad you’re feeling better and your weight loss. Can you coach me, please? Lol. God bless. We didn’t hear about Miss Mary’s birthday celebration, unless I missed it. Happy belated, Miss Mary ❤️🎂🎉

  5. Yep, I was one if those who used the MM for a sun burn; worked like a charm. It also works FANTASTIC as a mosquito repellent. Get hands wet, a small amount of MM and rub all over exposed skin.

    • OMG!! I had NO IDEA it was a great Mosquito repellent!! I am getting CHEWED up the worst ever this year. I’m going to go put some on! Thanks!!

  6. Funny to hear you say not to give to the GOP. I wrote them over a year ago stating I would not give another penny until they stop their complicity of the DNC garbage. More RINOs than true America Loving representatives. It’s packed with greedy individuals that went into politics to gain power and wealth.

  7. DML or Ashley, please research Dr Eric Berg for your health issues. He’s phenomenal! Everyone who has seen his videos love him. He has 3 interviews out there with 3 people who have had different cancers and ALL 3 are cancer free! 1. An older guy had stage 4 prostate cancer and given 2 weeks to live. 2. Young guy has lung cancer or mass. 3. 40 something year old guy a martial arts instructor, lean and healthy had stage 3 almost 4 colon cancer. He wrote a book and it’s on Amazon. VERY interesting and I pray you watch these testimonials. They all did something VERY important, Intermittent fasting, prolonged fasting and healthy keto. What’s healthy keto? Eating 3 to 6 Oz of GRASSFED/GrassFINISHED BEEF, organic veggies and or a large salad. Salmon should be Wild caught NOT Farm raised, chicken and eggs should be Pasture raised organic NOT CAGE FREE. Pasture raised means they get to roam around the pasture to eat. Email me if you like I can send you the links. I used to have your gmail address but can’t find it. Every Friday Dr Berg has a Q&A live on Facebook and YouTube and if you ever have a question you can fill out a form with your question to be ion the show to answer your question. He has videos about how low the quality of protein is in those plant based fake meats.

  8. Oh Dear God, why did I have to listen to that arrogant, self righteous, vocal fry, fake cowgirl condemning some of the best in congress and the senate. And that 150 year old wax mummy needs to go back to Madam Tussauds. Mitch McConnell needs to be voted out and sadly, even if a democrat boots him out, I won’t cry.

  9. I agree Dennis, I was shocked when Trump hired Chow after all the names he called McConnell. I also greatly dislike when Trump Tweets or make statements about people and their looks, calling them immature names like a child or bratty teenager, it is very unprofessional and unpresidential. Trump still hasn’t learned some lessons and it has hurt him. His ego needs to be checked. I support him but it is such a turnoff like the way he went after AOC a few days ago, Ridiculous. If he had not insulted McConnell so much in public perhaps McConnell wouldn’t be trying to sabotage the election. These kinds of statements just draw more attention to the person he is insulting and why is it necessary and what does it accomplish, especially calling Elaine Chow crazy after he hired her! “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – Trump just can’t keep his mouth shut. Just sayin………….

  10. Now regarding the podcast. I agree with you DML, Trump is part to blame for not securing our voter integrity. I remember when Trump won in 2016. I told my mom I was so worried because I KNEW the Dems would cheat. There was NO doubt in my mind. And I was so upset to watch it all unfold as I knew it would. I wished he would have said NO to mail in ballots or secured election integrity. I think they didn’t know just how many were so corrupt even the RINOs.

    P.S. The cancer fight book is called “How My Immune System Beat Cancer: Fasting, Juicing, Keto…” by Fred Evrard. And while you may not have cancer, intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting rids old cells and generates new healthy cells.

  11. McConnell needs to go. My fear is Trump running and the democrats cheating again and the republicans doing nothing because most of them don’t want Trump either.


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