DML Podcast: (Ep.148) The Climate Change Police are coming to America, how long until you’re arrested?

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes today.

DML addresses a huge issue, which is the Climate Change Police.

DML explains the UN official who promised the police will be in full force. Meanwhile, a police chief in Massachusetts says “Climate Change in a crime.”

This is one podcast you don’t want to miss.

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  1. The new religion is climate change. The global warming stats were stored in Norwich University England. They were leaked and it was proved that the earth had not been warming for 17 years and so after a quick consultation the new religion became Climate Change rather than Global Warming. It has taken the place of Christianity. Sadly.

    • I saw an interview a couple of days ago with Dr. Patrick Moore – ex-president of Greenpeace and a very educated and accomplished man. Very knowledgeable in matters of repeating heating and cooling cycles over periods of millions of years. In the interview, he was laughing about Al Gore! He said Gore has things completely backwards! Carbon is NOT causing warming of the planet, IT’S THE NATURAL WARMING CYCLES OF THE PLANET, THAT IS CAUSING CARBON TO BE EMITTED FROM THE EARTH, mainly from the oceans, but also from land. Gore has it all wrong and has the whole world freaking out about NOTHING! (Gore is also a long time devoted member of the World Economic Forum, so that says a lot about him too!)

  2. I bought my Miracle Me Oil yesterday. You don’t have to tell me twice! I used the current one I have and while it wasn’t a mosquito repellent like someone said yesterday (because I got 3 more bites last night), it DID help with reducing those bites and helped with the excessive itching on the 20 other bites I have on my ankles, Achilles and calves. The itching was driving me to drink. I was going crazy. Thanks DML! Love your CBD MM Oil and face cream.

  3. SURE DO!! I LOVE OUR FOSSIL FUEL AND GASOLINE!!! Meanwhile China and India are the worst offenders that aren’t doing JACK for climate change.


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