DML Podcast: (Ep.149) Trump and DeSantis work together to grab huge wins; how they’re unstoppable and how you benefit

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 30 minutes today.

DML covers the Tuesday primary results, and how DeSantis and Trump together crushed Democrats, and how the duo is destroying the stronghold once held by the GOP elite.

It’s time to celebrate the victories, and DML does such by announcing a completely unexpected DML CBD BOGO offer (Buy One Get One Free). DML says the BOGO offer is in celebration of Trump’s primary wins, DeSantis’s wins, DML’s 53rd birthday, and his friend Amy Pritchett, who is also a TeamDML member, winning her election for school board in Martin County, FL.

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  1. Older people can vote with mail in ballot. I do it ever year. I live in Florida so Charlie Christ is lying about his 90 year old mother and father.

  2. Our “America First” senate candidate, Ron Hanks, in CO lost to a pro-choice RINO, Joe O’Dea. I truly don’t want to vote for this man, but having Michael Bennett is much worse. I am having a difficult time resolving to vote for Joe O’Dea, but also hate the thought of Bennet going back to DC and voting lock-step with Biden, Schumer and Pelosi. Ugh!

  3. Hold your nose & vote GOP—As Bad as he might be, Dem Is NOT An Option! —hopefully he’ll get whipped into Staying with MAGA Vote in House…


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