DML PODCAST (Ep.153) Trump declares the 2020 election needs to be redone

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 32-minutes today.

DML discusses 3 topics.
1. Trump is pissed over FBI interfering with 2020, declares he wants a new election
2. Over 20m Americans unable to pay electric bill, expected to get worse
3. Libs if TikTok kicked off Twitter for 7 days for playing audio of truthful conversation

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  1. The people running this country , 14 year old girls of both sexes, won’t let this happen , it would be just too hard and boring.

  2. So, basically my tax dollars went to pay a powerful, high level, influential FBI agent who was able to override even the clout of the New York Post? This EASILY tipped the election a measly 44,000 into Biden’s favor along with all the other provable shenanigans that went on. Meanwhile, Biden is working as fast as he can to hand us over to China in broad daylight while he is still being allowed to by the lawmen running this country WITH NO BALLS!!!

  3. All proof of the election fraud will be dropped soon. Trump is still commander-in-chief. They have it all! What’s coming can’t be stopped. Mike Lindel will be labeled the biggest hero of all. WWG1WGA

  4. This is such stupid bull shit. 2020 is over now he is about to piss away the 2022 mud terms just like he did two Senate races in GA to hand Senate to demoncrats. A whole lot of people need to take their heads out of their asses and worry about 2022 and not this crap which is a fucking pipe dream. Let’s snatch defeat from victory again.

  5. There was cheating going on of election before all this info came about. I never believed 81 million voted for biden, you just had to look at his political “career” and know he was wrong for the job. The left also picked the hoe which has also been the disaster!

    • Touche’. Agree with you 1000%. There are hundreds of documents that prove it but the Supreme Court refused to listen. They didn’t want to set a precedent for future elections. I call bullshit to 81M votes for the liar in thief. You are right on point there. Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania all had fraudulent elections. And zuckerfuck was at the head of the drop box scams as drop boxes are unconstitutional. And so they are just reporting that now. Right. And the computers that went down at 1:30 am in Georgia’s Fulton County that changed the votes. How could 130,000 votes register for the dirtbag moron biden all at the same exact second. Sounds like a cut and paste job there. That little prick zuck should be hanging by his nuts. He funded the drop boxes with his dark money funds. Now he is talking about how fakebook withheld information based on the timing of the election at the direction of the justice department and fbi. fakebook withheld it just long enough so joe the slime ball POS got elected. He is no more the president than the man in the moon.

  6. At this point with the midterms elections around the corner we need to concentrate on this elections. The best slap in the face for every single democrats that still supporting this clowns in the WH is to take as much control as we can from them. If we still have to deal with these people for two more years the best way is to take away the control they have now. Let’s concentrate on the midterms and then the 2024 presidential elections. We need to save our country from those who wants to destroy it. Then as soon as we can expose all of those responsible for the election fraud and held them accountable in a way that no one will risk to do it again!❤️🇺🇸

  7. Hi Dennis! First, Happy belated birthday. Im sorry I missed it.

    There was a time yrs ago that if a young woman wanted a hysterectomy because she did not want kids, the doctor said ,”No, you might change your mind” Case closed. What is going on in our country?!!!!!

  8. If the election is done over the voting machines need to go ! Paper ballots only. Mike Lindel has all the proof and if you don’t believe it watch moment of truth especially the afternoon of 8-21…. Mike is a hero

    • As well as mine also. I support Mike Lindell. He used all his own money to dig deeper into the scam of America. joe biden is a scumbag and needs gitmo.


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