DML Podcast: (Ep.159) DML hospitalized on Saturday, speaks about 9/11 today

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 87 minutes today, September 11.

DML, who is going through some difficulties with his stomach for the past two months, recently announced he will be taking a hiatus from the podcast. Yesterday, on 9/10, he was rushed to the emergency room. He is home today, and he recorded a podcast that provides deep insight into what is going on with him, and his thoughts on 9/11 and our vow to never forget as people, and a country.

It is a very powerful podcast, and the last from DML for a while longer.

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  1. Get well, soon, Dennis! A speedy recovery, and thank you for remembering 9/11. We must *never* forget. Sending prayers 🙏🏻 to you!

  2. Sending Angels to surround and protect you in your battle for good health and national sanity. You have no idea how much I respect you, Dennis, and your mission to educate. God bless and feel better 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Hello Dennis, my family and I are praying for your speedy recovery and to provide spiritual medicine to you and your family. Make a soeedy recovery sir. You and your messaging are a gem that needs to continue shining.

  4. Did you see a Motility Specialist? I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. It sounds like a lot of symptoms I have. I went to a fantastic doctor on Long Island. I was almost ready to have cancer in my stomach and esophagus. I say this because most doctors don’t know how to diagnose. I lost 27lbs in 2 weeks. Email me if you need [email protected]

    • Today Sept.13th.
      Dawn, Thank you for this info.
      I needed this!
      CT scans today. Upper & lower GI & kidneys. Gotta do this!
      And I am healthy Lady⁉️
      Thank you, Best to you, Dawn😊

      DML! I Hope you are in complete recovery
      when you read this. I like many of us who have loved and respected you for so many years. Thank you!
      God’s healing arms are wrapped around you and your family always.👆
      Best to you DML😊
      GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Dennis, I feel your concerns as I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2013 and later in 2016 diagnosed with Neurogenic MALS (Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome). I highly recommend Dr. Richard Hsu in Conneticut as he is the most highly educated surgeon in this area. Please I highly recommend you to search him out. I went through all the damn test before figuring out it was MALS. Much love! Your friend Jess I. Utah.

  5. Leaving you with well wishes. I hope you figure out what is bugging your stomach. I use nothing but your cbd and my YL oils. Wishing you the best.

  6. Dennis 28 years ago I had almost the same exact thing happen to me. I lost weight couldn’t eat. Everytime I ate it felt like I ate a Thanksgiving dinner with pain. I finally got a GI specialist and they did an upper GI and found out I had a ulcer in my small intestine. Finally a diagnosis!! Then I had to find the right meds that agreed with me so it can heal. I have been on that medication since. Take care of yourself listening to you brings it all back. Hugs Michele

  7. I was going to the er for months with this pain in my stomach. It was with me for years but got progressively worse. They would give me a pain shot and send me home because the insurance wouldn’t cover me without a diagnosis. I had every test you did from my dr. They finally told me it was all in my mind. Talk about frustrated. Finally the pain came to a point of no return. Again a big bulge sticking out of my stomach. Back to the er. They left me in the hallway writhing in pain for hours. I could hear personnel talking about me saying I was faking. I would have gotten better care if I would not have told them my drs. name. So they had to let me wait for my dr. My gynecologist tried to send me home in atrocious pain. I had enough I told him I was not going home in this pain. Find me another dr. They did and he sent me for an emergent MRI. They found the tube between my kidney and bladder was blocked. The bulge sticking out of my stomach was my kidney ready to burst. If I would have went home I would have died in front of my four kids. I knew then the medical system was in big trouble. They weren’t for the patients they were for protocol. Very sad.

  8. Praying for you DML and some concrete answers. We must never forget 9/11! It’s a day so many of us will vividly remember where we were on that horrible dark day!

  9. Dennis Michael.
    I know you will get better prayers to you and your beautiful wife and daughter I’ll keep you in my prayers. Thank you for talking about 911 we must never forget. We all love you!!!

  10. I pray for your health. You are a good man DML and the world needs you and more people like you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. Praying for you Dennis! I’m no doctor but have they checked your liver or bile duct? What you describing sounds just like what my mom when through and it took almost two months to find out what was wrong with her and numerous doctors. She was diagnosed with stage 4 intrahepactic Cholangiocarcinoma and unfortunately passed away on May 22nd of this year. Again you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!’n

  12. Love you Dennis , been with you from the beginning . You will be in my prayers as well as your beautiful family . Irish ☘️ never give up they always fight till the bitter end !! You my lad have more work to do 🙏🏻❤️☘️

  13. 🙏🙏🙏 got You, Mary & Ashley. May the Lord bless the Doctors to aid you in your healings and be with you all during these uncertain and scary times.
    Bless You

  14. This was very emotional, Dennis. I began praying for you as this ended, and I will continue to pray to Father God for your healing, in the name of Jesus. The cross was a beautiful gift. Stay close to God. He is ALWAYS with you. God bless you, heal, and strengthen you and family. ♥️✝️

  15. All our prayers from your Alaskan followers for you and your family sir.
    God bless you and watch over you during these trials in your life.

  16. Our bodies betray us but we must adapt to the new normal. Keep fighting. Dennis, I am down the Jersey Shore. I also needed to travel to Cornell in NYC for unexpected brain surgery. I am in very good shape now, but it was scary for a while. If you need to come back to the NY area, please contact me via email if you need any assistance. And I mean that with all my heart. You are on my prayer list.

  17. Prayer’s continually for you. God will protect you. I pray for complete healing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and all in between. In Jesus name… Amen 🙏🏼

  18. Dennis please get well soon, I will keep you in my prayers. And thank you for the 9/11 tribute. I was in NJ when it happened (now in Florida) and I will never forget.
    Please keep us updated.

  19. Dennis I hope you see this. I’ve been battling Colon Cancer since 2020. Mine is different than anyone’s because mine never showed up on CT Scans. I’ve been through 2 major surgeries and only after the 2nd did insurance approve Pet Scan. That’s when they could see what was left in me. If I hadn’t been persistent it would never have been found. I just finished 2nd round of chemo and supposed to have another Pet Scan Thursday the 15th. If possible you need one. There still floored after 3 CT’s and all these other test showed nothing so yours could be like mine.

  20. DML you are in my prayers, as are Mary and Ashley. I have followed you for years. I feel like we are family. I pray the medical team will find the answers needed to heal you. The Lynch Mob needs you and so do we, and all of the country. You are dearly loved. Never forget that. May God bless you and heal your body 🙏🏻

  21. DML-
    I’m not a Dr but my twin sister was having the same exact issues for months..after numerous tests and procedures she was sent to DUKE and finally diagnosed with Superior Messentric Artery Syndrome which required surgery to be healed.
    it’s very hard to get this diagnosis because it’s so rare.
    I needed to mention this because if they didn’t find her diagnosis she wouldn’t be here today.
    We need you here and your work is not finished in this life!!
    I’ve been praying daily for you and your beautiful family. GOD BLESS you my friend!
    Love ya DML! 🙂
    P.S.I will NEVER forget!!!

  22. Ensure is the worst nutrition Dennis-pure toxic, poison-check the ingredients! I am a semi-retired RN, over 45 yrs-that expensive, pure crap was horrible in the 70s and hasn’t changed! Nothing conventionally farmed, GMO-laced, glyphosate-sprayed should go into our bodies. Sadly, intestinal parasites 🦠 also can present with your symptoms. I would contact Ty & Char Bohlinger for a referral. 🙏🏻

    • I agree! Dennis needs to stay away from this horrible drink…along with GMO’s and anything that’s been sprayed with glyphosate. He should only be eating organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing would be very beneficial.

    • I totally agree with you about the Ensure product. It is filled with sugar and other unhealthy stuff. Dennis you might want to see a reputable nutritionist for guidance or a good health food store. My prayers are with you and your family. Please get well very soon. We need you badly. You’re a very rare and sweet guy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  23. Get some well needed rest to recover what you go thru next week. We will always be here! Jesus loves you is all you need to know.

  24. Dennis, My last comment was 🤬……
    Long and short…RN over 40 years. Can’t believe Ensure is still being prescribed-pure toxic, GMO sludge. Only organics/ known farm sources should be consumed in the current world we live-in. I would run not walk to reach out to Ty and Char Bohlinger after a full parasite stool panel. Prayers

  25. DML,

    First of all, You and your family are in my thought and prayers! I wonder what God is preparing you for? You already have shown great strength through this test, I am not sure what it is? This podcast made me reflect on all the journeys you have taken us through and yes, you have made me laugh, cry and get upset with the crap going on with our Government but most of all I felt a part this ride you and your family have taken us on. I am forever grateful that I always felt that am a part of the DML family and I have felt your passion with what ever you were sharing come though with discussions I have had with my family. My kids tease me saying DML, DML DML! I love it and feel like I can quickly tap in to what is going on. My goodness you are also nuts to be driving the distance back home to see your wife while so ill. True love concurs all!!! DML know that I am thinking of you and I will wait patiently until next time. Get well my friend.


  26. DML Praying for resolution and good health. I have been having issues as well your podcast has given me impulse to seek a resolution. Thoughts are with for good healing.

  27. God Bless and keep you in his care. You brought me to tears in feeling for your pain and suffering your are going through. I pray that the Dr. can find and fix the problem. I know you will be well soon because you have the angels watching over you and carrying you to good health and recovery. Please stay strong and remember you have people that love and care for you. My heart to Mary, Ashley and your family. Much Love

  28. God be with you through all this Dennis! And you are healed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ!! May you live an abundant and good life from here on with your precious family and your friends.

  29. DML. I understand your pain . I have had stomach problems since oct 2021. Finally after test after test it was my gallbladder had gone bad. I had it out in Dec 27th 2021. Now after healing from surgery I am still having pain in my stomach so more test . Doctor said I had SIBO or IBS. I went on liquid diet nothing helped . Finally I told my doctor I wanted an endoscopy and he found erosion in my stomach. I have lost 10lbs which at 108lbs thats is not good. I now have to take meds for 2mths which will cause other problems if I take it for more then 2mths. I feel sick and still unable to eat a whole lot. I get so depressed sometimes . Theres so many things I still have to live for my kids grandkids my husband. Im not ready to give up either and it gets old when nothing helps. God Bless you and your family ..♥️ sending 🙏 your way.

  30. Hi Dennis. Just finished listening to your podcast. I have been worried about you for awhile. I even commented on it. When you started talking about your health I sent you a message asking if you had diverticulitis? I know you said it’s diverticula? Don’t know the difference. But I have to say that your heart is so great that you take so much to heart. For your own sake I think you need to take a step back because if you don’t yet have an ulcer I think you will down the road. Things are so bad right now with our country and I think it’s taking a toll on your health. We all love you so PLEASE TAKE CARE. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Dear Mr. Lynch…a few people commented on possibly things you could have. I hope you read all of the comments because while they are not Drs…people who have had issues can give you some least to eliminate what is and what is not the problem… Someone mentioned this: superior messentric artery syndrome ( something to look at….even if it is to cross it off of the list of possibilities)

  32. Sept. 11, 2022

    Dear DML,

    No one ever likes suffering bad health and pain, actually it sounds like me when the doctor did a sonogram and found my pain was Gallstones, same symptoms as you describe for your own suffering. I read a lot, about alternative Medicine, to make a long story short, I had a book in my home titled HERBS of GRACE, I had bought that book 10 years prior because the word Grace was in the title! Well, I opened that book off my shelf, and I believe the Good LORD new I was going to need that book way back when I first brought it home, for a day such as this, there was a remedy to rid the body of gallstones and all it was was Fresh squeezed lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 cup of each sipping every 15 minutes and laying on my right side, wait 15 minutes, and sip more of the oil and juice until you have taken the lot…less than 10 hours later my bowels started cramping even WORSE, it was terrible, worse than giving birth to my child, and like you said, shit started happening, and I could not get out of the bathroom for about 2 hours! The doctor tried to rail road me into surgery the day I was in her office, but GOD had a better plan, He helped Me overcome my illness, He gave me guidance and strength and Love like He alone can do, Victory was mine in the suffering! Prayers are powerful and they are Heard by our Heavenly Father who wants US to be well! I have not had an issue since that day with gallstones! God is AWESOME and I have a wonderful story of God’s Mercy and guidance to share for a life time!

    Be well in Jesus name, I pray for you, I can tell your stress level is NOT good, I pray for you and your family to look into Alternative Medicine, I do NOT trust a doctor on this Earth, Plants are for our food and our Medicine…God will heal You, I Praise the LORD for His Love daily, if NOT hourly!

    Much Love,
    Grace Colbert

  33. Sending prayers your way, Dennis. God has a plan for you. He didn’t bring you this far for nothing. I hope you get the answers you need very soon.
    Please look into a holistic detox. Your symptoms sound very suspect to me. Modern medicine is great for some things but they will never suggest alternative treatments that cure.
    Thank you for all you do and will continue to do. ❤️🇺🇸🙏

  34. DML praying for you and your family. It warms my heart about how you LOVE your family. May God heal your body and keep you safe. Just remember there are prayers for you. And yes we must never forget 9/11.

  35. Sending positive vibes to you Dennis. I hope you recover quickly and be back in the saddle soon.
    Thank you for your hard work and insight. I, for one, really appreciate it.

  36. When you get better, you and your family should start drinking liquid IV’s, you can buy them at Costco, (they’re powder packs in a bag of 30). They do work. I drink one 1 to 3 times a week, I was feeling like you when you were talking about being dehydrated my trump was like 94 when i had to go to the ER in which I usually only go to the little clinics, they don’t do fluids though.
    Praying for DML and family. You have a wonderful family. You need to run for president in 2028, you would make a great president.

  37. Aww Dennis my thoughts and prayers are with you sorry you had to go through all this. Prayers for Tuesday 🙏 that the doctor will be successful at finding the problem and correcting it. Thank you for sharing.

  38. I am shocked you didn’t have a severe headache! I live in Houston and as soon as you started to tell your story , I knew you were dehydrated! Your living in a very hot climate now. Water is imperative! So if you weigh 200 pounds you need over half in ounces to feel good! Even helps with back pain leg pain etc!

  39. Prayers going up for you, your medical team, and a full return to health, Dennis. May God grant you healing so you can come back to all of us. Until then take care of yourself and do what the Dr. tells you to do. We know how stubborn you are in following orders.. Hugs

  40. Bless you, Mary and Ashley you are in God’s hands. I will never forget September 11 and remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I lived in California at the time and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It is something I will never be able to unsee.

    It’s not in the cards for you to be sick.
    Keep with the CBD !
    If you weren’t on the CBD I bet the stomach ailment would have been worse.
    Your immune system is at 110%.

    Stay well Pal. Your happy Journey is NOT finished yet.


  42. Dennis…you are SO right that the greatest country in the world appears to have the worst medical care. As I type this, I have been waiting 2 months for an endoscopy for bad stomach issues as well. My heart goes out to you and your family. God bless you and please know that you are in my prayers daily!! Please, please keep us updated. God speed dear patriot brother ❤️

  43. Take good care of yourself, Dennis. Often times we take our bodies for granted and ignoring the signs only gets you in trouble! The body is an amazing machine and it needs fine tuning every now and then and our parts get rusty and need attention. Obviously, you learned that painful reality recently! I’m so sorry as I know your family and your DML family were very concerned. So glad you’re getting some good medical advice and the with the help of prayers and the knowledge that God has his hand on you and guiding you to good health. Hope, faith and good medical care will put you back on your feet! Thank God that you’re attending to the problem. I wish you well and a quick return to good health and happier days. Your friends and fans love you!

  44. Thank you so much for the update. I’m so sorry you are having to go through all of this. It breaks my heart that you and your family are suffering so! God is not through with you! Keep fighting. You and God will win this! Praying for you and your family!

  45. Praying for a complete healing for you and for your family DML. You are so loved, appreciated & might I say even admired for all that you do for us on the daily. I have been a support for you from the beginning and I will continue daily sharing your news and speaking of your podcasts and what you do here. May God bless you and keep you safe always!! ❤️ Much love to you and yours! ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  46. Pray the Lord send His army of angels to surround you with His supernatural hedge of protection, provide the best Dr’s and attendant’s, give them superior wisdom to diagnose, guide their hands and brains to resolve this issue perfectly, in the fastest manner all while giving peace and comfort to you and your family knowing God’s got this!! We claim all of these things in Jesus name!! Amen 🙏

  47. May God be with you, your beautiful wife and beautiful daughter.
    Drinking water is so important and many of us just don’t drink enough.
    I pray that the new Dr. Will be able to help you feel better.
    God Bless and I don’t think the ads are all that bad! 😊

  48. I had Diverticulum related constipation, it was very painful. My Doctor put me on a course of antibiotics, and a soft diet for 2 weeks…he was trying to avoid me from getting Diverticulitis… worked. That was 9 years ago, and when I start to feel off, I immediately go back to a liquid, and soft diet, and take a stool softener…so far it’s working.

  49. First. Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. There is a reason people jokingly say Gods Waiting Rokm when referring to Florida. You may decide to travel bsck to Long Usland or Johns Hopkins. If not be certain to get two specialist diagnoses
    Generally speaking the health care throughout z Florida leaves much to be desired.

  50. Sending healing angels and prayers for your speedy recovery. We need you healthy and back to keep fighting fir this country. God bless you.

  51. Keep up the fight DML! We all need you! I was very inspired by your podcast today it was very emotional at times and I had to pause to pray and collect myself. I have always listened to you and I am a supporter. You are in Gods hands. Keep fighting. Love and prayers for you and your family and this great country! USA! Rebecca

  52. Omg what a great podcast. Thank you so much for your passion and resolve in regards to 911….and to share the story about your recent health challenges…..I am a nurse I use to be an ER nurse and ICU nurse and I LOVED hearing about your medical test and how you handle them with your joking around…we love patients like you …..and about the paramedics that took you to the ER etc….wear that cross daily….keep up the good work of reporting the issues… Mary and your kids our in my prayers ….and thanks for sharing Mrs.Kane’s story I will keep her and George in my thoughts and prayers

  53. Prayers for you and your family. God wrap your arms around DML and his family and the 9/11/2001 family in Jesus name I pray amen 🙏 God speed to you all.

  54. Dennis, I will be adding you to my prayer list at night. I am sorry to hear about your health issues and hope you Miss Mary and Ashley will all be well. I hope your procedure on Tuesday goes well for you. I know how dangerous it is to be dehydrated because my son had this happen last year and was in the hospital for almost a week getting dialysis because of it. Water is very necessary!!!

  55. Dear DML,
    I started listening to your podcasts and following your news this year. You do a wonderful job. You show everything that is put out there. You are not a partisan journalist. I thank you for this. I was moved by your podcast today. Thank you for talking about 911. Never will that day be forgotten in my mind. Your health means a great deal to so many of us. You have inspired so many with your truths and honesty. You will fight this illness and beat it! God in heaven is watching over you and your family. It is selfish of us to need you during these trying times, but for me, I will wait and pray that you have a speedy recovery. I will ask our dear lady the Virgin Mary to intercede and remove the evil that is troubling your body. I prayed that she would heal my father and I walked on my knees at Fatima for him(a promise that I had made to her to help him) when my father came out of the church at Fatima he was healed. I believe in miracles. You sir, have been for me a beacon in the dark. Now I will try to help you by saying the rosary everyday until you come back on air saying you are healed. May God our father bless and keep you in his loving arms 🙏❤️😇

  56. Before you even said you were dehydrated I Said .. “Dennis you are DEHYDRATED.. you have all the signs of being Dangerously Dehydrated‼️“.. I’ve seem both my Mama and Husband be dangerously dehydrated.. you need to understand just because Tea.. Coffee .. Sodas.. Insure.. Juice.. etc .. are LIQUIDS they DO NOT HYDRATE YOU .. WATER 💦 is YOUR FRIEND you need to drink 1/2 to one oz of water per pound of body weight a day .. but be aware and not “over drink” water either… that could cause you to be “over hydrated” ..which can be as deadly as being DEHYDRATED”!

  57. All of these posts reflect my feelings too , bless you for sharing all that you have been through and continue to endure . This podcast brought alot of power through your words. I will never forget either. Many prayers of hope and strength to you and your family , you are all priceless treasures and i wont forget that either , much love to you all .

  58. Your in my prayers Dennis,keep holding on to that cross and it will carry you through,if you can listen to The Cross by Chris Tomlin.God bless you and your beautiful family.

  59. Hi Dennis,
    You are a amazing strong man. Nothing can knock you down brother because you have the will to live, to live for your beautiful family. God helps those that help themselves and you have passed that test. God knows your good and caring heart for others, your country and Him.
    I know you love God and that you are a Catholic. However it’s so important to receive Jesus. He wants you to dine with Him at his table. Please go to a Mass and receive communion as soon as possible. Your good works and kind heart are not enough. Jesus is beckoning you to have a relationship with Him.
    Get well and best wishes to you for a complete recovery. Good health to you, Mary and your children.
    Keep the faith!
    Andrea Occhionero

  60. Dear DML and Family,

    We are avid listeners and followers and are praying for your healing and recovery asap. Dennis, this stomach issue must have something to do with when you were kicked in the stomach several times as a young man in a bar fight. It must have damaged your diverticulum. Please have the necessary surgery asap. We know you will be so much better afterwards. We love you so much! The world needs you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. God is GREATER than any problem You have. When I don’t see him, I trust Him. He’s not through with you, yet, Dennis. Relax and let Him take over.


  63. Praying for your speedy and complete recovery. Praying for all souls lost on 9/11 terror attacks and their families. Prayers for our country.

  64. Dennis
    Godspeed my friend, alot of people here go to Duke n Charleston..great medical care…too much on your plate. It took 3 mri n cat scans to find a leaking ansurim on his aerota before they saw it
    He was in icu. Three months in ICU..
    Go after Duke/Charleston…inbetween visit the others

  65. Dennis my thoughts and prayers are with you. I wasn’t in NYC when 9/11 happened but I like so many others watched in horror & those towers coming down is the most horriable thing I’ve seen in my 63 years . I’m late on this because we buried our best friend 9/11 Sudden death & Sat the day of his funeral visitation & service my brother in law was admitted to the hospital & having surgery. Sitting in his hospital room last night I saw a clip of the ceremony going on in NYC with Harris & AOC & it pissed me off. Because they don’t give a shit. I will never ever forget unless I lose my mind & regardless of ilmar saying it was some people doing something any one who saw it knows it wasn’t. God Bless you & heal you and your family.

  66. Very sorry to hear you are not well. Prayers for your comfort and support. Get well we’ll you are needed in our fight for justice and repair of our country. God bless you

  67. I’m so sorry Dennis I hope they get you fixed up soon! I can so sympathize with you! I’ve had stomach problems since I was 19 years old and I’m 79 now! I’ve been on stomach meds tat long I bet I’ve been on nearly everything that came out! I’m now on Prilosec everyday not the 14 day trial like the say to do! I can’t get off! Thank God I don’t have pain but had gall bladder surgery that I think was caused by my stomach! Take care and I pray you get well soon ! We all need you back my friend!God bless you!

  68. Dennis I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and I’m sorry that you’re struggling with a cure. Ask your doctor if he’s ever heard of marshmallow root and its uses in cases like yours.

  69. DML, I’m keeping you and your family close to my heart and prayers. I felt like I was watching a horror movie, and there were instances that I literally would stop and gasp. I have to admit this was one of the hardest podcasts that I have listened to. I was fine until I got to the part where EMT had brought you to the hospital and Hercules Jeff had told the staff at the hospital to take care of you. I don’t know why but I just balled. I know you’re a determined soul, and I know you are going to rise above it. Stay strong DML;we need you and love you. 9/11 never forget. God bless Mary, Ashley so they are doing better; and God bless your boys, your baby girl and the fur baby. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸

  70. Try Ivermectin horse paste. Listen to Danny Lemoi on Dirt Road Discussions in Telegram. Everyone has parasites. Drink water with lemon. You can take the ivermectin horse paste with any prescribed medication. It won’t hurt you and might stop the inflammation and kill the parasites and bacteria.

  71. Hang in there Dennis, the power of prayer is strong. May God be with you and your family. Hope they can figure it out for you. Praying for a great outcome. Love your podcasts. You’re for real. Thank you and get well soon.

  72. DLM, I know exactly what you are feeling because I went through it. It’s Diverticulitis. You’re gonna have to get the bed section cut out. And it’s better to do it now before you go Septus like I did. And then you’re shitting in a bag for eight months why you are healing. And yes you should get to the doctor NOW, because you’re slowing dying!

  73. DLM, Continuation from my first comment, I went to the doctors also and they told me nothing was wrong. But they said my white cells were up like I was fighting in infection so they put me on put me on antibiotics. And that did not help, I went through three rounds of it. And then it got better for a couple months and then it got worse and my colon exploded why I was out camping here in Alaska where I live. So don’t mess around with this, and don’t be stubborn like me where my colon exploded and I waited 2 1/2 weeks to go into the hospital, the doctor said I had less than 12 hours to live. I would’ve died that night in my sleep, if I hadn’t went in that night. Healthy I weighed 185 and when I went in the hospital I weighed 145, I went through 4 1/2 months of agony just like you’re going through now. And by the way I never did regain my original weight I weigh 170 now, and it’s been seven years since this happened.

  74. Dennis I feel for you! I’m going thru a similar situation & also live in Florida. I sat in the ER last week for 12 HOURS & left with no more answers than I walked in. You are blessed to have such a great team on your side. Prayers for you!

  75. I also suffer with these issues. Eliminate all caffeine, milk and wheat breads. Drink some aloe juice every day. Eats prunes and figs. Strange as it sounds it helps a lot.

  76. I’m praying for your healing! I needed to listen as I’m dealing with stomach issues for years and I’m experiencing many of these symptoms myself. Wake-up call here. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜

  77. I went through so many of these symptoms and had numerous scans and scopes, lost 30 pounds in 2 months – surgeries to remove gallbladder, appendix & Exploratory Laparotomy. Long story short – a I WAS ALLERGIC TO MY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE. I just throw that out to you so experts don’t forget to check RARE reactions to medicines!! My prayers are with you 🙏

  78. I loved listening to your podcast tonight.
    I will be praying for you and will put your name at my church chain of prayers. I know God still have plans for you here with us.
    On another note- I am not sure what is going on with your health but looking into my boss website and try to look for a Doctor like her in your are!
    I have many people coming over to us at the clinic with really chronic diseases and the treatments she is doing there will be benefit your overall health.
    Here is her website: McGregor medical and
    Dr. Lim believes in treating the patient at the cellular level and she treats them with vitamins infusions therapy and Glutathione push.
    My husband went to his Private Care Doctor for 2 years prior to me finding this job, he was told that her blood work was pristine and to continue doing what he was doing. Fast forward to June 2021- I started to notice his lack of energy, to me he looked half dead! Doctor Lim saw him and ordered many blood test to rule out many things, the end result? My husband had a leaking gut, fatty liver, thyroid snd hormones issues! After her treatments I have a new husband, he is full of energy again and he is getting his high powered vitamins infusion therapies. Check it out please

  79. My prayers and hopes for an answer are with you 🙏🏻🙏🏻Wishing you only the best outcome for the sake of you and your family ..Godspeed

  80. This docu-series started yesterday and will run for several days!! It is called “Stop Cancer Docu-Class” with Johnathan Landsman. The information you will find in it could save your life! Please look into it. Please sign up to watch this free viewing. You will not be disappointed.
    The Power to Heal is Yours!
    God Bless You, DML

    • Same here. I was thinking the same thing..
      And I hope he gets off the ensure and ice cream. Bone broth and thick veggie broth- GAPS diet healed me.

  81. Hoping you resolve the stomach issue very soon. Take care of yourself. To a speedy recovery.

    Glad to hear you’re going to start covering the medical industry. My sister just died after continuing declining health for more than two years and little real help from the doctors, I felt. Being with her the last three months every day, I saw so many problems. Even with me being there trying to be her advocate and be there for her, I couldn’t believe how many errors were made. There’s a lot that needs to be fixed.

  82. Prayers & Lighting candles in a very special chapel from County Wicklow Ireland for you Dennis Michael Lynch 🙏🏻☘️🙏🏻👼🏻🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻 For your Full & Speedy recovery to Great Health. From Transplanted New Yorkers who Live The USA 🇺🇸 Thank You Sir For All you Do And May God Bless You , Your Family And May God Bless The U.S.A. 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️👼🏻🙏🏻

  83. Please consider taking one full glass celery juice every morning- it will heal you
    I was in liver failure just 2 weeks ago and and now Able to walk for 30 minutes and ride my exercise bike for 15 minutes

    Just try it… I know it will help you

    Love and light 💕

  84. Praying for you DML May God heal you from head to toe all things are possible with God’s mercy I pray for your beautiful family that God would bless them and keep them strong in their faith trust in our Lord.

  85. I love the way you talk about the whole dining, food experience. Always wish to find a partner like you. I am listening to your podcast now, but just wanted to say that!

  86. Prayers for you Dennis. I had a similar experience 23 years ago. Had every test known to man with no answers…turned out I was gluten intolerant and it was slowly killing me. I was even told by docs that tests indicated cancer but they couldn’t find it. Blocked bowels and couldn’t eat. I lost tons of weight. I stopped eating foods with gluten (have since found its more likely from glyphosate that’s sprayed on wheat crops), used DGL to heal my gut, as well as other products. I now read every label and try to eat mostly organic whole foods.


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