DML Podcast (Ep 18/2023) Interview with Chris Elston about the dangers of children gender transitioning

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58 minutes today.

DML interviews Chris Elston (a.k.a Billboard Chris).

They speak about the terrible realities of how children are being sucked into the world of transitioning and taking puberty blockers. This is a podcast that every parent and grandparent must listen to.

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  1. Thank you DML 🇺🇲💪😎 for this eye-opening podcast. My 14 year old son has Autism and he knows that he is a boy and I am so glad. He is a wonderful boy, and loved by his family.💚This is terrible and sad. 😭 They are preying in these children. I’m horrified.

  2. This has begun when parents ask their children to please behave. When the parent does not act as the authority figure when the children are young. Who are the children suppose to aspire to?. Children have no idea the correct and respectful way to answer an adult let alone what gender they identify with. C

  3. Why do lesbians girls want to have sex with a girl what looks like a man ?? ..

    It’s crazy.. if was a lesbians I want a woman to look hot & sexy — not a girl with no tits .

  4. They are separating kids from their parents through this crap. Think about it, look at what the new world order wants to do, read the book the great reset. 30-50 -60 year olds will push back against it, so the NWO will need an army of protesters to push back, go out in the streets destroy, burn down, and if these kids can’t have sex, can’t have kids, no relationships, can’t have their own family, what else can they do to try to bring meaning and purpose to their lives…pick a cause and protest.

    This isn’t only an American problem….this is happening all over the world….why do you think that is?

  5. Transgender rapist in women’s prison in Scotland raises safety fears,

    Isla Bryson, 31, was this week found guilty of raping two women while she he was a man.

    Bryson attacked one victim in scotland Clydebank,West Dunbartonshire, in 2016 and another in Drumchapel, Glasgow, in 2019.

    During the trial, the High Court in Glasgow heard that Bryson now identifies as a transgender woman and was previously named Adam Graham.

    Giving evidence, Bryson claimed she knew she was transgender at the age of four but did not make the decision to transition until she was 29.

    He is currently taking hormones and seeking surgery to complete gender reassignment. So he says ?

    Image: Bryson had denied the charges and claimed any sex was consensual

    Following her conviction, Bryson was remanded in custody pending sentencing next month.

    It is understood he is currently being held at Cornton Vale women’s prison in Stirling

    You can’t make this up … changed sex just before the court hearings


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