DML Podcast: (Ep.14/2023) Is America on its way to being a socialist country? Interview with Alexandra Cochrane

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes today.

DML interviews Alexandra Cochrane, an immigrant from Sweden.

Cochrane tells the story of her father’s escape from Communism, and her childhood growing up with Socialism in Sweden.

She hits the warning bell on what she sees happening in the USA.

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  1. They have been planning this for over 30 years and it’s coming to fruition now unless the Republicans get busy turning it around and voters wake up and vote patriots who really love our country in this time! I don’t care how much you think you hate Trump it’s not enough to become socialist! Bad storm is coming!

    • The problem with Trump is he calls himself a patriot then goes into the belly of the beast at the World Economic Forum to give a speech and rubs elbows with the globalists he claims to loath. Not once, but twice.
      I guarantee when he loses the primaries to Desantis he will attend more DAVOS meetings with those whom he is most comfortable. It won’t be evangelicals and trumpster divers. You can bet on that.
      But alas, Musk never attended.

      • A president is suppose to face the WEF. They want to destroy America so Trump went to set them straight. If you heard his speech, you should know that already.

  2. This is exactly what the NWO wants ! Get the public to the point that they trust no one! They won’t believe anyone and will just stop voting! Don’t fall into their web! Read and educate yourself on all people running as best as you can! Pick the best and stick by them and get out in person and vote! Stop all mail in votes you can this time! Pray pray pray! God is in control!

  3. Why is a married man like DML calling another woman beautiful? Would you like it if Mary called other guys cute, handsome, hunk? You don’t see women hosts say that about their guests. It’s disrespectful to your wife.

      • You’re the idiot. You’re disrespectful to your fucking WIFE of all people. The truth hurts. It hurts because you know im right. Apologize and repent. You gonna publicly compliment every woman you see? You’re a dog.

    • And no, I have no problem if my wife thinks someone like Tom Brady is handsome, because he is. There are countless people who are beautiful and identifying their beauty is a compliment. People like you are so brainless that an entire podcast about communism is ignored because I provided an innocent friendly compliment to someone who happens to be very good friends with my wife. Please take your brainless, lonely, miserable self a d go elsewhere.

      • DML, you’re very unhappy. I’m pointing out a wrong and look how you react. You’re no better than an insult slinging libtard. I agree with your views. Just this action, I don’t. You’re an angry man and I pity you. Get so defensive AND offensive. Can you EVER admit you are wrong or are you another Trump?

      • Idk how you get “brainless, lonely and miserable” based on exposing YOUR sin. Sounds like you’re projecting. Learn to argue better. Appealing to emotion and ad hominems will get you no where. Brainless ppl can’t logically argue properly.

      • Uhh maybe if you hadn’t STARTED the show bringing focus to her LOOKS??? It was completely uncalled for and unnecessary. But you’re the “smartest guy in the room” right? Smartest but not the wisest. But I’m the brainless idiot, right?

  4. A great podcast to expose an alarming message about living under a communism/socialism regime. I get what Alexandra means when she says, “That’s all they knew (Communism)”. It’s hard to imagine a life such as that here in America…mainly because “You don’t miss what you never had”. That says a lot about any unknown experience. Until it’s full force livelihood, then people will get it! I’m like Alexandra, optimistic, thinking a change for the better is on the way. Thanks Dennis and Alexandra. Great questions to a great interview.


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