DML Podcast: (Ep.16/2023) The immigration nightmare and how it is destroying America

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes today.

DML is joined by former ICE Agent, Michael Cutler. The two men speak about everything immigration.

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  1. Just what Joe Biden and his liberal cronies order!!! Clinton fauci Obama peeloser soros gates Schiff Schumer warren sanders and the rest liberals !!!

  2. Great podcast.
    I hate the ridiculous amount it costs to join DML. Most of the people that needs to hear this can’t afford it so the lower and most middle class are screwed AGAIN. 😡

  3. WOW!! I fully enjoyed & soaked up what Mr. Michael Cutler had to say! He had my attention from his first sentence. A wealth of information he is. So sensible & intelligent. DML I truly appreciate you having these guests on your podcast. This week has truly been “HIGH QUALITY GUESTS”…I sure to enjoy the podcasts even when you have no guests. YOU are a “Walking Encyclopedia!” Lol I’m grateful to have a handful of news people like YOU that I CAN TRUST!! I’m so thankful that the things concerning my family & this nation is also a passionate concern to you too. I think of that often & Thank The Lord that You “Faithful Few” Care Too! You and your family put in so much time, effort & expense to keep us informed. May God Bless You & Your Family Including Your Fur Babies. 🙏🏻🇺🇲🙏🏻

  4. Cutler is informative but he is an annoying arrogant new yorker who cannot stay focused on questions. He never answers questions and goes off on tangents. The most important question he failed to answer is “Is the USA screwed beyond repair”?

    I can tell you that we are done for. Within 10 years, the illegal alien population can triple with their high birth rates and chain migration. They have already drastically cha ges our language and culture.

    The ONLY way to stem the damage is by massive interior enforcement focusing on deporting ALL illegal aliens regardless of who or what they are.

    • You have the answer! Interior enforcement, what a novel idea. We lost that chance when Ronnie Reagan allowed the once in a lifetime amnesty in exchange for employer sanctions that the Chamber of Commerce successfully eroded. Once upon a time there were Immigration Service Agents to remind visitors, students, temporary workers and such they made a contract and covenant to return home when their purpose of visit was over. But no, Congress allows them to squat. That doesn’t even begin to deal with the mess on the southern border. Yes Michael provided a method for a fix. You who vote are the means of forcing Congress to do their job.

  5. 01/22/23

    Employers need to be up front and center and prosecuted for employing those crossing our borders illegally! Thanks for all you do and your guests, to wake up Americans to the evil going on with our Nation’s so called leaders in government! No Communism for America!


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