DML Podcast: (Ep.180) Trump continues to implode, attacks DeSantis and Youngkin for no reason

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40 minutes today.

Trump is now in full attack on Gov. DeSantis (R-Fl) and Gov. Youngkin (R-Va).

Also, AnnCoulter booed off stage by radical lefties at Cornell, and judge crushed Biden’s student forgiveness program.

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    • What Trump is doing is pissing off many Republican voters. I only voted for him because I didn’t want Hillary Clinton, then Joe Biden. I followed his Presidency. It was turbulent and full of chaos. I don’t want that again. His actions of late are moronic!

      • Exactly right, people are tired of the chaos. Trump’s picks were great until they left the admin, got fired, etc…then they were lovers, terrible people etc…well he picked them, so what does that make you?

        I liked him in the beginning because he wasn’t a politician, and I hated Hilary. I followed his Presidency closely, the tweets, all of them 🙄, alot of which were completely unnecessary.

        Yes, he will always have his die hard Trumpers, but they are not going to win the election…independents do…they always do! And if you look at the Facebook Twitter comments…alot of people are tired of it.

  1. Trump can bear being number 2! His ego And he is getting blamed for losses due to ranting about
    Stolen election Even if true the electorate has moved on,! Plus those nutty women want abortion and they vote!!

  2. As a voting Republican,Trumper, I now have mixed feelings as do a lot of us.
    I cringe when I hear Trump talk. He is revengeful mocking, boastful and if you don’t go his way, you’re his enemy forever! He is relentless in attacking foes!! I think a lot is this made people vote for the opposing party!!

  3. If he doesn’t get the chip off his shoulder He will destroy himself.
    At this point i would like to see Florida governor run for President but I don’t think he wants the job. We are really in a terrible place in American a nation divided. Trump need to get on his knees and forgive so he can see clearly. Hate make hate forgiveness bring wisdom and understanding.

    • Beginning with Jeff Sessions as our AG, how many times were we assured that if we just “Go with the plan,” Trump would be exonerated and re-elected and the Dems revealed for the traitors they are? Yet, it didn’t happen. I’ve been a staunchly pro-Trump Independent, but if these reports of pettiness are true and continue, then this dude will not abide. The MAGA movement is bigger than one man.

  4. Dear Donald— please stop acting up. You are only ruining things for us, those of you who appreciate what you did when you were President, and yeah, I suspect some people cheated to pack the electronic ballot boxes to make it look as though Biden prevailed, but it’s not fixable now. The tide is against you. I love you (I’m sure I speak for millions of us) and wish you could be President again, but you’re behaving like a child. Stop it!

  5. This smells . His behavior., somethings off to attack these exemplary governors is very disturbing , to support them.and rally for them is what he should be doing . Something aint right . I hope the people close to him can reel him in and get him back on track Just my two cents .

  6. What happened to uniting the party?
    He’s got to put the good of the country ahead of himself. That’s real patriotism. We need to choose a candidate for 2024 who can win and the further he goes down this road the more he’s not going to look like that choice. This isn’t 2016 anymore and he seems to have only one tactic for going after who he sees as his competition.

  7. I’m with you DML I think Trump is imploding and no good can come from attacking others who are doing good work for the Republican Party. People have to stop thinking he has a plan every time he messes up. I can understand why his ego may be running the show right now after every thing that has happened to him but he is losing people left and right.

  8. The only ones that need to stop this non sense is DML because he does not understand Trump language and what is really going on. Let Trump do what he needs to do and attacking him and be on his side

  9. Hey Ginger! Let me say this much to you. President Trump would never lose his TRUE supporters. The whole BS has happened because President Trump has fought like HELL for this country of ours! Can you even COMPREHEND what President Trump been thru since 20 minutes after he was elected as President? Oh yeah, those dummerRATS didn’t even give him 30 minutes or even an hour to like the idea & process it? No I’m sure you wouldn’t but shame on ALL that we’re involved in making this man’s’ life pure T HELL from the very beginning. How bad or sad or upsetting do you think he felt being treated like they did! And fast forward to the years we had him doing nothing but ‘GREAT’ things for this country. But yet you must not understand how anyone could survive from the life of HELL he did & guess what?!? He did it for US, & for this country he loves. If you can’t remember all the ‘good years’ Trump gave us then you must have been living under a rock! I’m a HUGE Trump supporter & I’ve cried so many times because of the hate that these morons have put him thru. No one deserves what he had to endure. I’m pretty positive you couldn’t last longer ng at all but damn if he didn’t keep up the fight but he did it for US! Can you even the least bit feel sorry for him. He was SCREWED out of a STOLEN election, the most horrible thing they could do to him. Not only did they go after him but his whole friggin family. But yet he still fights for us but he sure as hell didn’t have too! He had a fine life before he was the ‘FIRST GREAT President ever! It doesn’t matter if you agree with that or not the ‘FACTS’ & the PROOF’ say it all. So don’t put President Trump like you want too. He’s also trying to save your tail from the EVIL cheating dems! Try to COMPREHEND what I’ve said. And you can take it to the back. But I don’t really care if you like him or not, just don’t expect for someone like ME to sit back & let you say whatever you want about this man that doesn’t need anymore people like you giving him HELL!!! Grow the hell up!

  10. DeSantis is not going to run. They will devour him like they do to Trump. Maga is not Q people. You are deceived. Just patriots. The evil ones are the liberal democrats that cheat kill and destroy….
    DeSantis is a great governor and he Will run in 2028 when pelosi, Schumer and those corrupt people are gone. Why would he want to put himself and his family in that environment… He should stay as governor for now…

  11. I hate that he is acting like a big baby, but glad his true colors are showing. Maybe he is the leader of the tin hats, which explains why he wouldn’t denounce Qanon. Its time step off Mr. Trump before you embarrass yourself any further. With the country so divided we don’t need his foolishness.

  12. How about waiting to see why he is doing what he is doing . There is ALWAYS a good reason behind it . Have some freaking faith . 🙄🙄🙄

  13. I agree that President Trump is entitled to a meltdown after all the back stabbing he’s endured for the last six years plus! And don’t count him out for 2024 because he loves and cares for America much more than he cares about
    himself! He is NOT a glutton for punishment!! Everyone seems to be fed up with the state of our Country and then vote for the Demonrats!!One good thing..Pelosi is out of there and we got a good man in there!! No more Trump bashing!! Just walk a mile in his shoes!!!

  14. Forget with the “Trump has a trick up his sleeve/knows what he is doing.” How long have people been saying this. When does any trick ever get revealed. Never. People can be solid behind the captain of a sinking ship but that doesn’t stop the ship from sinking or fix what caused it.
    Elections are won or loss by a couple of points most of the time. Look how many people are fed up with constantly swallowing hard, shaking their head, covering their eyes because of the words and actions of someone that can’t stand anyone else being popular. Sometimes he think he wants to be the whole party all by himself.

  15. I have been a Trump all the way. Now I believe this is about to change. Those of you making excuses for his current behavior need to do a lot of thinking. I am not from Florida but I will not Condone or make excuses for what he is doing to a great man like DeSantis. There is no excuse for this behavior.

  16. Trump acts like a bully, I was a big Trump person but these mean childish attacks show me a bad side of him. He wants to be the kingpin. It’s very narcissistic. Trump will lose again and he is his own worst enemy . It’s embarrassing

  17. I see there are just as many dumb Trump supporters as there are that hate him. Stop defending his actions! Take your blinders off and don’t think with your emotions

  18. I love Trump but he needs to stop.
    His rallies are full of same stories repeating what “they” did to him.
    We know!
    Move on before we do.
    I will vote for him but he needs to change course and stop all this.
    He won’t win with this message.

  19. Never put all of your trust and admiration in one person. That’s a certain way to be disappointed. Everyone has an agenda and skeletons. Especially in politics.

  20. Trump didn’t start this. The news doesn’t give the true story, including Fox. Trump carried him over in 2016. DeSantis should be more gracious.

    • Who says DeSantis isn’t being gracious? DeSantis hasn’t said a word back to Trump since, Trump started attacking him. As far as 2016 goes, maybe DeSantis thanked him in his speech or not,, maybe he did it privately. Who cares, we are not dealing with 2016, it’s 2022 and the fact is DeSantis has the momentum right now, if he wants it!
      Nobody was really talking about Trump, until the raid happened, and even now that’s kinds blown over. He’s been off building truth social, pretty much off the radar for the past two years, as far as politics are concerned.

  21. If you’re trying to make sense of DeSantis vs Trump consider the poss we’re being played & DeSantis’ role is to draw out traitors on the right? As long as his ego stays in check, the plan works. Never assume we know everything. Trump’s job was always to expose the enemy within.

  22. Just stop…….you all are acting like democrats. Let’s all calm down and see what happens. Stop all of the guessing and trash talk.

  23. I think he (Trump) has something up his sleeve. I believe Ron DeSantis is in on it. Something is wrong. Just sit back watch the show. He wouldn’t do this and DML I don’t buy it

  24. Uh oh just like I said on last podcast post…they are starting on DeSantis ….looks like they are saying DeSantis pulled down his pantés. Hope trump doesn’t see that and steal it from me to use on his new foe since you think he follows you….kinda like you say he stole MAGA. All I have to say is I hope your boy has balls of steel like the old abandoned orange man did through the pee pee tapes!

  25. DML… You may want to listen to Kash Patel who is Trumps right hand man… in his words, this Trump/Desantis “quarrel” was to see who’s on his side and who’s not…
    DeSantis is great! I moved to Florida because of DeSantis but that does not mean that he is ready for the world stage…
    You on the other hand have decided that he is and Trump is not…
    That’s a dividing line for me.
    My opinion, Trump has got this in spades and is working the room so to speak, and has found out who his true followers are and who are ready to jump ship just before the sailing gets smooth. Sadly you have jumped ship. (Not the first time)
    Maybe, maybe you will have to one day acknowledge that not always are you the smartest person in the room and maybe in this instance Trump is.

    • Good point Connie….
      How else would you find out who would jump ship …the polls?? ….ha ha ha ha. People need to give Trump some credit for being the smartest guy in the room. How in the hell do you think he became the best president in my time…Some shallow people can’t think strategically in this very corrupt world …they can’t think past tiddlywinks when Trump is playing 3D chess …he knows the evil he is up against. They Don’t give him credit for what he did for us as he was tormented beyond belief for four years and then had the next four years stolen from him. Basically he had his hands tied behind his back and still performed like no other. Funny how so many are ready to jump ship… All I know is I’m not giving up so easily. The man didn’t get where he is being a chump. It probably isn’t as it seems. Like someone said above don’t judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. What person in their right mind would take on a job like that for no pay knowing that half of the ship was ready to jump out and abandon him. Americans are so “what can you do for me right now”? For God’s sake the ship hasn’t even set sail and look what’s happening. He hasn’t even announced that he will run. He may not even want the job…after this why would he? Pitiful!!

  26. Just keep throwing your stones!! Two years ago our Country was in beautiful shape thanks to President Trump so after everyone has picked his bones he’s had a meltdown. I’m just surprised it took him this long!! If he’ll run in 2024 I’ll vote for him. He saved America once and he’ll do it again!!

  27. If you think back to when Trump came down the elevator up until now, there is always a method to his madness. However, the MSM constantly sets the narratives and most people fall for it. Trump is attacked constantly, and he loves to troll them back. Most of us do not take criticism easily, including DML, who punches back himself. IMO, I think Trump and DeSantis are working together to out those who are not going to put America first, and are selling us/have sold us out. He NEEDS to know that before he goes back into office. Wise people have a 72 hour rule, do not react until you get all the information. Myself, I am over these RHINOS and Democrats who have sold We The People out!! There is a lot of games played in politics. Washington DC is a cesspool. He is draining the swamp. Watch and learn.

  28. The rinos are getting just what they want. They are courting DeSantis and dividing the conservative party. Trump is the man to do the job. DeSantis is polished but not ready yet. The fake news will destroy him. He could not handle the attacks that would come and he would eventually fold like a cheap deck of cards. You folks that are leaning towards DeSantis are being led by the rinos…wise up before its too late. DML YOU ARE ADDING FAS RO THIS FIRE…SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  29. To the DeSantis haters: Name me one thing that DeSantis did to deserve this. What did he do wrong? “Oh, he met with Paul Ryan an–” Stop. Tell me what he did wrong. What policies? What name-calling, slurs and insults? Because I can tell you what Trump did wrong. He created this death jab. He surrounded himself with snakes (didn’t fire Obama admin). Bill Bar AG. That’s a few. Name me ONE thing DeSantis did/said what Trump did.

  30. Firstly, I support Trump but Is Trumps ego so big that he can’t stand the idea of another amazing leader such as Desantis? Also, as previously stated by others, he made many huge mistakes and judgement calls.

  31. Desantis is all I can say. I have been loyal to President Trump but he is losing his mind at a time when we need the strong silent type. Again I say DESANTIS. You don’t have to convince me this has been a huge embarrassment for everyday people like me. I love MAGA but why is Trump stomping his feet and acting like a child. We need smart strategy not temper tantrums. All I can say is this is sooooo FRUSTRATING!!!! It really makes sense to me that these folks that continue to wear the tinfoil hats are really dems cause that is how they act!!

  32. When most people say they are glad Biden is president instead of Trump, nearly every one of them say the reason is because he ISN’T Trump. This is proof positive that many people do not vote on policy. So if we keep saying Trump can win again because of his policies, we are only thinking about why we might prefer him. We are forgetting that OTHER people vote on personality. Trump’s personality is turning off many people that voted for him twice. This shows that his personality is not going to draw people to vote for him, regardless of policy.

  33. DML….I’ve been thinking about Trump and all the chaos he has caused and brought upon himself. As a MAGA Republican, I can’t get on board the Trump train any longer. There is enough chaos in this country/world without Trump starting fights with great men like DeSantis and Youngkin. I too am tired of the nonsense and agree with you 100%. It’s gotten so old and tiring. Thank you for saying what many of us are thinking. Take care….

  34. First let me say I’ve voted for Trump twice and I think he did many great things for America as President but I think his ego and his bullying has just become too’s a big turn off for voters. He should be behind the candidates and not against them. Why turn on DeSantis, I suspect it’s because he fears he can beat him. A great leader is not all about himself and gets over the past. Yes we know they cheated and he should not have lost but there’s nothing we can do about it but try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Many people dislike him personally and he seems to get worse, picking only candidates to support that believe the election was stolen instead of the best candidate for the job. It’s not about me, me, me, if he keeps tooting his own horn and gets the nomination, sadly we are going to lose again. And frankly, I just don’t see our country surviving another Democrat administration. I feel bad saying this because I’ve stood up for him many times but his latest tirades are just too much, we should have killed it in the midterm but sadly I think a lot of people just voted against the people he supported, not myself because I have never voted Democrat because I vote on what they stand for and not their personality but most voters don’t do that. DeSantis is a great leader, he says what we thinks but is not a bully and never toots his own horn. He is the future. If he doesn’t run then I think Ted Cruz would be great!

  35. We live in a period in which politicians are not very popular. And believe me, you have my sympathy. Politicians are regarded as people who have learned to talk but not to act. And you demand action, and rightly demand it, in dealing with the democrats !!!!!


  36. This is ALL swamp propaganda to split Trumps base and stop Trump from running in 2024. All these fair weather Trump supporters, and bots, go back to the liberal communists where you belong!

  37. Trump has campaigned for 200+ Republican candidates, and all but 16 won, on his own dime! Name any other Republican or group of Republicans who have done as much, for the party? Come now let’s hear them, I’ll wait. Ohhh he sends “mean tweets”, what is wrong with you sissy fair weather friends? Now the Democrats are throwing some propaganda spin, and you lame pathetic individuals just turn your back on one of the greatest presidents ever! I have been in combat three times, and pray I never have to fight along side any of you! Never mind, you will all be in the box cars on your way to a camp any way.

  38. For all you mush spines, Trump was responsible for DeSantis and Youngkin winning their elections! Neither stood a chance without Trump’s support. You wimp RINOs need to think about that.


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