DML Podcast: (Ep 23)Media claims racism in Tyre murder, and Trump launches campaign efforts

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The Dennis Michael Lynch podcast is one-hour today.

DML covers an array of topics.

  1. The death of Tyre Nichols, riots, and the crazy racism claims
  2. NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ mandatory CRT training classes
  3. New flood of migrants overtakes NYC hotels
  4. Rat eats grocery store chicken in broad daylight
  5. A third-graders school battle over ‘I Love Jesus’ face mask
  6. The lunacy of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the city’s demise
  7. Pfizer releases gain of function statement, more people die suddenly
  8. Utah Governor signs new transgender bill

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  1. Things happening are really speeding up! I feel Jesus is coming soon! Revelations is showing us how things in the pages are all falling into place! Please people repent!

  2. The media is once again trying spin this into racism again. They are always doing this color revolution. White supremacy crap. How is white supremacy when all the police officers are black? Are we this this stupid? Give me a break. The media need to sued. They have caused more problems in this country than anyone .

  3. Dennis. How much more can we take? We are being overrun with people that do not belong here. They are not working. They just take and take. Why do we give these people everything and we have so many people that are Americans who need help. I feel like I’m on a ship that is sinking. This ship has no life jacket. I don’t even know if we can take another 2 years. Why aren’t we impeaching the Obiden crime family?

  4. These people are finding whatever they can to use as an excuse to be violent and destructive ,they are thier own worst enemies .Thier African brothers/sisters should be inviting them.back and then teach these ingrates some serious lessons .They deserve a scared straight .

  5. I can’t believe they are giving the poison to babies! I heard they Okayed it for babies!!! I was hopeful parents knew better not to give it their babies. Poor baby! Sad parents should have known better!!’

  6. One more thing President Trump was right about, remember the story he tells about taking in the snake? Sounds like what is happening right now in this country.

  7. Russian bot . . . .

    They don’t want you on the trump train again So they are targeting you ..

    You had big say last time .

    They are after you it’s just the start

  8. Looks like a personal attack. I wonder if one of these cops saw this FedEx driver flirting with his wife/girlfriend on a Ring camera (or something similar). Hope these 5 cops rot in jail.


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