DML Podcast: (EP.3/2023) NEW interview with Dr. McCullough, he claims VAX is killing people

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Today, the Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 30-minutes.

DML interviews Dr. Peter McCullough about the injury sustained by the NFL player from the Buffalo Bills. Is the vaccine the culprit of his collapse? Also, a deep conversation about the vaccine and how it may be causing widespread death. A very powerful interview to start to the New Year.

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  1. Many of us are already familiar with him. We also already knew what their clot shit was doing before he enlightened the masses. May God help those that lined up like happy little sheep for it and the subsequent “boosters”. May all those involved with setting up mass kill off of humans be held responsible

  2. This is not really news to most of us DML. But Thank you for posting. Many are following him and others since this fake pandemic started.
    Hope this helps the ones that did not know about how unsafe and ineffective the jab is. 🙏 to people who ones that believed the MSM and Dr Fauci.

  3. Fauci needs to be held accountable! Another “senior in age” corrupt politician that wont be held accountable. These people are the figureheads! Who is hiding behind them?

    • fauci needs to be tried for crimes against humanity and sent to GITMO awaiting the next noose. Slimy little weasel fraudchi. How many millions of lives lost is this fraudchi responsible for and his minions like gates, and the chinese goons.

  4. I personally know 5 people who were healthy as can be. After the jab within a year two have died of complications from inflamed heart and kidneys and the other 3 suddenly developed strange tumors requiring chemotherapy. Thank God me and my family stayed away from this death jab.

  5. The jab has caused my daughter to have heart condition now at 30 yrs old. I pray she listens to me and gets more tests but she has no insurance. Works full time but job offers none. I offered to pay for testing because I want her around but we will see 😔

  6. Tried to post a Twitter post of Robert Kennedy Jr stating they knew the Covid Jane would increase you chance of heart problems 500% and they did it anyway. They meant to kill a lot of people!

  7. B.S. This is extremely rare. The vaccine has saved millions of lives. We don’t know what underlying, undiagnosed conditions these people had. We don’t know if they have genetics that would make them more susceptible to adverse effects, including death. My family has a strong history of heart disease (genetic) and we are also prone to blood clot disorders. All of us took the vaccines and boosters and we are fine. One person even has 6 stents in his heart at age 52. He would have died if he got COVID unvaccinated. Stop the fear mongering!! There are always risks with vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Each person has to weigh the benefit/risk factors for themselves with their doctors. It’s a big stretch to assume that the young NFL player who recently collapsed on the field and suffered cardiac arrest was the result of getting the vaccine. That’s ridiculous! He suffered blunt force trauma directly to the chest! And, he’s not a big guy! Please stop scaring people. Look at China! Their vaccines are very ineffective which is why after 3 years they still don’t have COVID under control. Vaccines have saved many from serious disease and death. There are always exceptions.

    • Deborah M.- So you are saying that you know more than a World renowned heart specialist?
      Real vaccines have indeed saved my lives. This shot is
      NOT A VACCINE. It is an experimental drug and if you have involved yourself with this shot then you are nothing but a money making guinea-pig.

  8. My Aunt has unexpectedly, recently passed due to these huge blood clots after getting a boost. My Family has NO HISTORY what so ever of blood clots.


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