DML Podcast Ep 4. 2022: Why immigration is the biggest problem in the US, and how to fix it

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 68-minutes for this day, January 11.

DML is joined by immigration writer and expert, Joe Guzzardi.

The two men speak about the issue of immigration, legal and illegal, and how it is destroying the US.

DML offer solutions to the problem, while Joe emphasizes what is truly going on behind the scenes in DC. It’s a very powerful podcast.

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  1. Jan. 11, 2022 The world is going to hell in Government for sure! The MSM pushing the C19 Narrative has to be stopped, it is the BIGGEST LIE ever unleashed on the ignorant people, sinners, who don’t cling to God’s Truth! Prayers unceasing! Thanks for caring and sharing DML, hope people listen and take heart and stand UNITED in wisdom and good health! Amen

  2. Illegal aliens are totally empowered and fearless. My brothernin law is here illegally from El Salvador and operating a home improvement business in Maryland. He undercuts licensed contractors by 50%.

    He had the audacity to tell me that the American contractors were helpless because USCIS does not deportation enforcement. He said the local Hispanic news informs illegal aliens that it is a felony for Americans to inform USCIS that someone is here illegally. That is how F’s crazy this is.

    I asked if he felt bad about hurting legit American workers; he said it was too bad but it was the latino’s turn to be at the head of the dinner table.


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