DML Podcast (Ep.48): DeSantis vs Trump will be WWIII of Politics

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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  1. Governor DeSantis strips Disney of self-governing status
  2. Trump rips into DeSantis on Truth Social, Fox News too.
  3. Senator Fetterman’s wife heads for fun in Canada while he’s in hospital.
  4. Biden administration likely responsible for whale deaths
  5. An eleventh grader confronts school board over smut book
  6. More young people die suddenly
  7. COVID vaccine added to CDC immunization schedule
  8. DML plays clip from A Day At Bundys
  9. Last day for TeamDML special offer
  10. Last day for DMLCBD Gummy Chews special


  1. I wish they would not rip on each other and just talk about their platform. Contant cutting each other down makes me want to throw up and is a total turn off.

  2. Exactly what the minion trolls want. Like the governor of Florida however war monger bush’s and Paul Ryan are supporters so my red flag is up, part of the establishment? Caution here

    • I think you are right. Part of the secret society. I just don’t trust him.
      Until elections are made secure and we get rid of the election equipment and go back to one day/one vote in person with verification, I think we just have people who are installed not elected. And they are on the left and the right. Until people realize we are in a type of war, things are only going to get worse.

  3. Trump 2024. I do appreciate site your thoughts DML on the Trump vs DeSantis debate and agree with you on Trump stopping his attacks on DeSantis. I understand Trump but I’m not a fan of it. Trump had the last election STOLEN from him and I want justice done for him. This is very personal to me in many ways. Ron DeSantis has time on his side but Trump has the proven record of being President for the entire United States and not just 1 state. Trump all the way …

  4. The establishment wants DeSantis and if they are allowed to use DeSantis to push Trump out I will keep my vote in 2024. I will never again vote for who I’m told for. Just like McDaniels , nobody wanted her but “they” made sure she got the job again…

  5. I am totally behind Trump. His record for the four years and then was stolen from him the last four years. Desantis is backed ny the establishment and a red flag also went for me. Go President Trump, all the way. Yes

    • I totally agree. I am very leery of DeSantis running and being part of the establishment. Trump has proven himself so he has my vote for 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I feel that DeSantis should be supporting trump now and then run in 2028. He is doing a fantastic job in Florida so should stay there and continue and then run in 2028!

  6. Whales as collateral damage is just fine for the climate change religion but one whale died in Maine in 1986 because it got tangled in lobster lines so we need to shut down the entire lobster industry.

  7. Let’s not forget DeSantis has no opposition in Florida besides the media…easy to implement and “get things done” when you have all levels of government.
    We pretend as if Trump wasn’t already trying to reform education.
    DeSantis is a politician, and politicians are opportunist

  8. Feb. 28, 2023

    Power struggles among Politicians are real and very discouraging, there is no one, really, in Politics to serve American Public, these men and women are in it for the POWER to be recognition that lies on that PLAYING Field as I see it? God knows! We have attempted to reach the Moon yet scarcely make it off the ground! -Romans 3:21-

  9. Well DeSantis knows Trump backed him at the very beginning. Loyalty to Trump maybe plus he knows, Trump loyalist will never vote for him until Trump gets his shot. Do you want to tick off would be voters. I just can’t see DeSantis ever going after Trump I’d be shocked.

  10. Why are you pushing DeSantis out? You think you can fill his shoes?
    Let the thing go already. DeSantis hasn’t even said he was running.
    This is all bs talk.
    Not saying I want Trump but stop talking about 2024 until we find out who is even running.


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