DML Podcast (Ep.49): Reparations For Blacks Could Be $5M Per Person

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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  1. Lori Lightfoot loses her reelection
  2. California board suggest $5 million per black person for reparations
  3. DML interviews Dr. Mary Grabar, who debunks the 1619 Project
  4. DML announces DML CBD BOGO!

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  1. Really well with Obama and Eric Holder and Susan Rice it all makes perfect sense. But many people should be compensated for their hardships and how they were treated. I don’t know , I wasn’t there.

  2. California fruit cakes need to start with reparations for people like my great grandfather who fought in the civil war and almost died to free the slaves, or how about the American Indian that had they’re land stolen. The whole reparation thing is bullshit geared to gather votes from mindless fools.

  3. Give them the money. And if they ever say anything about being slaves or anything racist or about not having any opportunities take it away and lock them up. They will have it blown in a couple of months and beg for more anyways. Most of them can’t read and can’t talk. How will they manage in the regular world. They won’t. They always want more.

  4. And if they do, STOP ALL the special programs, all the freebies they currently receive; cell phones, housing, food, jobs, internet, transportation, education, tattoos, gold chains, and the list goes on and on. It will never end, always the victim absolutely no accountability. Cannot fix ignorance

  5. There is NO one alive that was a slave. We had come a long way with race until Obama was in office. He started the great divide again with his wife/husband. I don’t know where they think all this money is going to come from. But, this is a great way to keep the divide in races to continue.

  6. Neva gonna happen, neva gonna happen… !!!!! wait all you want negro people. … neva.. come on people, hit me wif your hate……lololol

  7. The only thing funny about this. America is broke. We are playing with funny money.
    Truth be told, the federal reserve is a corporation. The value is the ink that’s printed in the paper. California is a joke.
    We are in debt. I think we will go into default. Welcome to the Biden’s twisted America.

  8. What about the Irish slaves and the Chinese slave when building the railroads? This has gotten out of hand. Five million for what? Slavery started in Africa. I think the Biden’s should give all the billions that they stole from the American people to the blacks. Biden use to slurp CornPop. Seventy five percent of the people getting five million will be broke within five years. People who have won the lottery have lost everything. Due the research.

  9. I am so sick of the Obiden crime family and all this nonsense. I don’t know how they are gonna pay these people but it better not come out of my tax dollars. This shit better stay in California I think they should reparate from the United States because they are CRAZY. Back in the day I think everyone struggled. I know we did I started working at 13. Got married at 18. Both of my parents worked. We didn’t get anything free. No food stamps no free housing no money. We never had a slave and neither did my grandparents. I’m 66 so I know we have not had a slave in our family for ever or at least more than 120 years. Have no idea before that. So California wants to pay people because they’re black? How about all the people that fought in wars to protect our freedoms. That’s something I could stand behind. Not this bullshit!!!

  10. Where can “white” people get reparations? Lincoln freed the Slaves, he was white! This is BS! No one deserves 5 million for being black! They are not slaves! This is out of control!

  11. You need to shut the hell up about us in the African American community ..

    Your mouth runs to far with us .

    Just takes one African American see you in the mall etc ..

    Racist Russian ass locker


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