DML Podcast (Ep.5/2023) McCarthy caves, and man loses battle to save son from transformation to a girl

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50 minutes.

DML covers the following topics:

  1. McCarthy caves to GOP 20
  2. Biden crushing ranchers with windmills
  3. Idaho killing developments
  4. Mass shooting in Miami
  5. Man is losing his son, 9, from being transformed into a girl
  6. Soda making men go bald
  7. New COVID strain is running wild

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  1. When someone wants something *this* bad, he’s up to no good. Not only that, but democrats are wanting McCarthy. That should tell you everything you need to know. Sick of RINO’s/establishment.

  2. I’ve had no luck signing up for team DML. Tried emailing but no response. The site does not recognize my username or password nor will it let me reset password.

  3. Have you heard about the billboard that is trying to deter families from moving to Texas. It refers to the Uvalde school shooting!

  4. It’s sad that a father loses his battle against the ex wife that is making his son become a girl. Child abuse! Both the mom and this child should have some mental screening especially the mother! Very wrong

  5. Regarding windmills in the ocean: this was proposed for Nantucket Sound many years ago. The wealthy Cape Codders (including the Kennedys) shut this down quickly so as not to ruin their views. The limousine liberal “not in my back yard” people have been around for eons.

  6. Was traveling through the countryside here in Wisconsin the other night and was saddened to see not only the wind turbines but also acres and acres of farmland being sold for solar panels. Workers were out there installing the equipment used to hold them. Made me sick to my stomach and brought a tear to my eye being raised on a farm myself.There is no way there will be enough food to feed everyone if all our farmers are gone

  7. I have had no luck trying to sign in as a z team DML member! I paid my dues, $200 and can’t gain access. Please help me with this. I have Ben a loyal member since 2016. I did receive my free bottle of Miracle me. I did this transaction and paid my dues on around 11/26/22. Please help me


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