DML Podcast (Ep.53): The Truth of Jan. 6 revealed; Fentanyl is winning the drug war. Interview with Rebecca Kiessling

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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  1. DML interviews Rebecca Kiessling, the mother who lost her sons to fentanyl
  2. A heartbreaking report on a 19-month-old killed from fentanyl exposure at an Airbnb
  3. The troubling stats on fentanyl and its link to China
  4. The real footage of Jan. 6 has been released
  5. An update on the four Americans kidnapped in Mexico
  6. More dangerous activity unfolding at the southern border
  7. The View finally lifts its mask mandate


  1. I saw a ton of lives on that day. It was mostly peaceful, praying, singing and harmony for that huge crowd. I saw one young man his live was so good. I wonder what happened to him. Trump supporters were set up! No one will change my mind on this!

  2. I’m sorry, but I just have to say that Fentanyl is not winning “The Drug War“. People that illegally make, steal, sell, deliver, buy and use Fentanyl or other drugs are loosing the battle. Doctors use and prescribe it for specific purposes and it works very well for those. Anything else is criminal and can result in death! The foreign made version can contain even stronger chemicals and it is being mixed with other drugs which can make it more dangerous. If there is no one to use it then it will stop.

    • Agree. drug cartels are terrorists and need to be eliminated, period. I would love to see them disintegrated into dust particles. They serve no useful purpose in breathing and polluting earth. No jail, no trial, no nothing. They deserve death.

  3. The system is clearly broken. Once your child is addicted, if they do not die in the process, how can they be cured? The drug rehabs/treatment centers are nothing but a business! People cannot get the help they need in those places.


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