DML Podcast (Ep.54): Capitol Police Officer reveals the lies behind Jan. 6; Non-binary anti-police Muslim lawmaker gets crazy

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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  1. Tucker Carlson interviews Capitol police officer on Jan. 6 events
  2. Text messages reveal Carlson’s feelings about Trump
  3. Rumors on Trump’s potential running mate
  4. Mayor Adams wants the migrants out of his city
  5. Russian hackers target cancer patients
  6. Meet the first non-binary anti-police leftist Muslim lawmaker
  7. An update on the kidnapped Americans who traveled to Mexico


  1. Jan 6
    I watched that day. I saw Ashli Babbitt fly back from a bullet and I saw Jake Sullivan a radical leftie get away with his lies. The Washington Post covered for him and gave him money for his video of Ashli Babbitt. Claimed he was reporting and that was why he was in the location with Ashli Babbitt. No leftists were put in prison. They were the invisible violent mob. I watched as the left lied about how people were injured. I watched as Ashli Babbitt was never mentioned by them except as a violent protester who deserved what she got. She was wrapped in the American Flag unarmed and just trying to be heard by our government. She was small non threatening and wanted to be heard. The left never acknowledge her death as murder however let her killer off. I watched as the left filled prime time television with lies. They spent many hours creating a false narrative of events and tried to spin it as truth. How do I know this? I watched the truth. We are a lost nation with little chance of honesty left.

  2. I remember when you threatened people if they spoke any differently about Jan 6 if they said it was a set up.
    You deleted and censored them like you will with my comment. You only allow comments you approve of. Such a shame.
    Why are you showing Tucker Carlsons videos now if you believed it was a conspiracy theory before? Just wondering.

  3. I agree with your no tolerance stance on illegals , no.more talking no.warnings just BOOM you’re out and fining/ jailing employers immed is right on . The fake Muslim is just that she cannot be “. non binary ” and Muslim routing for trans .The faith has no tolerance for it , they murder homosexuals/ trans end of story .She is pure BS.

  4. Come on DML … you hate trump as much as the left can hear it in your voice- you bite your lip because 99% of your followers are trump voters .

    Tell us the truth YOU HATE TRUMP .







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