DML Podcast (Ep.56): Biden’s dumb budget proposal, and Kaepernick throws his parents under the bus

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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  1. President Biden’s budget proposal is absolutely stupid
  2. Trump and DeSantis releasing successful new books
  3. Colin Kaepernick calls his parents racist in his new book
  4. Matt Taibbi takes on Democrats in Twitter Files hearing
  5. $151 billion is the yearly cost of illegal immigration
  6. IQ scores are dropping
  7. The IRS makes a joke of criminal activities
  8. Los Angeles Times blames white people for pollution
  9. Sprit Airlines employee beats up woman
  10. Utah cops kill law student in traffic stop

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  1. I absolutely take the side of the Utah cop on the video at the end of your podcast. I have no clue why this law student did what he did. It’s absolutely disgusting! This is a perfect example of how there is no respect for police officers and I’m sorry to say, but he basically was killed because of his actions. In this situation it was all this guy’s fault and I totally side with the police officers, they did nothing wrong.

  2. His story book tale about his mother saying he looked like a thug when he went and had corn rows ? There isn’t a teenager alive who didn’t get thorough dressing down when they did something defiant to make a statement or did some dumbass thing to fit in. When Aaron Neville showed up at home with a gang tattoos on his face – his father scrubbed his skin with steel wool to abrade the layers of skin off until the tattoos were unrecognizable. But Kaepernick turns his parents concerns over doing something drastic and discussing it with them into a racist event.He compares his black culture and nature being denied and the whiteness of his adoptive parents restricting his cultural rights. Yes he threw them under the bus. He threw police officers under the bus. His fame in sports gave him the opportunity to advance a grotesque, massive lie against all police for the horrible mistakes and malfeasance of a few. His amplification of the narrative has gotten many police officers ambushed and murdered. He’s made himself much richer while promoting division , hatred, racism .

  3. DML Concerning the last video of the policeman trying to see some ID from the guy in the car….THE PUNK IN THE CAR WAS TOTALLY AT FAULT…I did NOT see or hear ANYTHING that the policeman did wrong! It may have gotten a little chaotic toward the end…but the SMART MOUTH PUNK IN THE CAR BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF!!!!

  4. I really was proud of the new QB for the 49ers. He took us to the Super Bowl and said he was a Christian too. I even like him with all those tattoos too. But then he started to tank and faultered in his FB skills. Maybe LeBron James or the likec got hold of him. His adoptive parents raised him well as far as I know. But now, he’s gone to the dark side. The devils 👿got him now. 🙏


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