DML Podcast (Ep.57): Biden Causes Banks to Bust, What does it mean for you

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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We talk about the following on the program:

  1. Silicon Valley Bank crash
  2. Chaos in El Paso
  3. Blacks are unhappy with Oscars
  4. Newsom continues reparations push
  5. Biden approves drilling
  6. China is making power moves globally


  1. Thank you for the awesome podcast DML! 🇺🇲💪😎 I love watching you on Rumble! I did get myself an account so I could follow you on Rumble. Also, I enjoy your app! It’s great!😃👍

  2. Dennis I love your podcasts. I think your as smart as someone who has 12 degrees. Thanks for sharing with us. Greatly appreciate all your work. Wish I would have bought that yellow house A couple years ago.

  3. Great Podcast DML. I follow you on Rumble too. I can watch your videos there. Thanks for giving us the options! You are right! Hard times are here! Some banks are collapsing! I wish I had at least $250,000 in my bank account at JP Morgan Chase! I had to spend $4,600.00 in car repairs this year! I am going to need a new car loan soon! I now live in Indiana! I have been through a few recessions myself! I had 8 jobs in one year once when I lived in Florida! I hope my bank does not get affected! Wow, that’s amazing about that home in Vero Beach Florida and what it’s worth now! Supply and demand! My Sister and her husband have a home in Fort Pierce, Florida! They have put a lot of work into it through the years. It’s paid for! Of course, Vero on the water is a much better sell than theirs! Real Estate is Location Location! 😀 My Brother-in-law just put some money in an account that earns more interest. It’s one you mentioned I believe. About Rumble, they won’t let me post long comments like I can here. They will tell you it’s too long and it does not post! I texted a long comment and it got wiped out! Learned the hard way on that one! 🤣 I appreciate all the hard work you and family do to keep us informed in the news we can trust…

  4. Top Gun Maverick should have won Best Picture since that’s the Box Office draw who brought movie goers back to the Theatre’s! At least it got a an Oscar for Sound! Even Jimmy Kimmel admitted that! Tom Cruise has had great films and is a good actor, but, he has never gotten an Oscar! All political Hollywood doing! Jamie Lee Curtis is a B-actress. I’ve enjoyed her Halloween films, but, she gets an Oscar? By the look on Angela Basset’s pissed off face after she loses to Curtis, showed her dismay. Of course, it was “racist” because Jamie Lee is “white”. BS. Wow, what a poor loser! Didn’t even clap for her win like the other actresses did! Jamie Lee played a hand in getting Everything, Everywhere..All at Once a big win, since her son identifies as Transgender and she’s proud of it! This movie checked all the “woke” boxes, showing two Lesbians kissing in a preview and God knows what else it displays in the film. I definitely won’t watch it! I am glad that the Asians are being recognized, as well as, India, China, plus, other minorities instead of all the blacks! Avatar, The way of Water should have taken more wins. I definitely will go see that one!
    Even though I like Brandon Frazer in his earlier days, I think the Academy just felt sorry for him and gave him his comeback Oscar…just like Jamie Lee Curtis! I thought Austin Butler deserved his acting in Elvis! He was amazing! Too many of these actors, actresses, and films are voted on because of their gender, color, or political activism instead of their acting ability! I hate the ones who have to throw out their political views to force on the audience! The obvious LGBTQ dude just had to announce his message while accepting the the Best Picture Oscar that people who dress in Drag are nothing to fear. They cannot stand it! They have this overwhelming need to burst out their “sick”thoughts to the world! I was doing fine up until then…he ruined the Award show for me. 🤬Jimmy Kimmel had to throw in his political editing dig about the Jan. 6 Insurrection video on Tucker Carlson when one of the films got an award for Editing. I haven’t watched the Oscars in years. I only watched it this year to see my favorite Celebrities win in the movies I like and the fashion.
    The entertainment sucked, except for the group of dancers from India! Rihanna was horrible, she was disgusting and vile at the Super Bowl! Lady GAGA was just ok. I don’t care for the song she wrote for the movie Top Gun Maverick! Lenny Kravitz sang a good song for the Memoriam of those Hollywood lost this year. So long to some good entertainers, producers, directors, artistic collaborators, and singers, like, Olivia Newton-John who made life more bearable for all of us with her beautiful angelic music, big screen appearances, and her devotion to her cancer center…

  5. Is this the Bank (Sillicon) that Biden took a loan from this year$$$$$
    Funny that we haven’t seen or heard any one talk about his loan?????????


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