DML Podcast (Ep.58): Russia threatens to sink entire nation with tsunami missile; Fauci’s dark past with bioweapons

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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  1. Russia recruits women to their army
  2. They also threaten to sink the UK with Poseidon missile
  3.  The man who predicted Lehman Brothers fall makes another correct prediction
  4.  Robert Kennedy Jr. delves into Fauci’s previous gain-of-function experiments
  5.  Boston Children’s Hospital videos reveal how doctors mutilate children
  6. Biden says opposing transgenderism is “sinful”
  7.  He’s also set to sign an executive order on extreme gun control
  8. Tucker Carlson asks presidential contenders about how they would handle Ukraine


  1. Executive order on extreme gun control?????? Against constitution you marxist moron.
    The constitution is the only thing standing in the way of communism right now

  2. Extreme gun control well well everyone there millions of us and little group of them .never pass . never complex to that marist pos bidum

  3. Facci ABSOLUTELY needs to go to prison for what he had done! My husband and I are one of the few that have not been vaccinated and so so glad we made that decision! I mean it’s really not even a vaccine and everyone that has taken it are just guinea pigs.

  4. That little pip-squeak should be exterminated like the scumbag rat that he is!! And every dollar he has and all assets should go to the families who lost loved ones because of him!! This makes me sick to my stomach & hope he has to suffer for it. When they start investigating he will disappear to another country….my guess.

  5. Yes Fauci should be arrested! OMG I just listened to the gender change surgery, I’m sick to my stomach. These people and doctors are SICK!


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