DML Podcast (Ep .59): How to protect yourself in the era of scams; My Interview with Sheriff Flowers

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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Today on the Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, I sit down with Sheriff Eric Flowers of Indian River County down here in Florida. He is a good friend of mine, and I recently called him about a scam phone call I received. Sheriff Flowers gave me pointers and advice on how to better detect these scams; he relays these same points today on our podcast so you the listener are prepared.

We also discuss why crime in the nation continues to rise, yet Florida’s crime rate is declining. Additionally, Sheriff Flowers explains why modern day police stations are dysfunctional and struggling in a woke culture that is anti-police.

It’s an interview you don’t want to miss, and one that will help you protect yourself and your information from scammers.


  1. My Mom was 89 at the time. GRAMA scam. She said my boy was in Mexico and in jail. Don’t tell Mom or Dad I’m so embarrassed. My Mom drove to the bank was very nervous! She could have gotten in a car accident she was in such a hurry to get to the bank. So sad for her. The cashier was alerted by her nervous state and Mom told her everything she said no this is a scam thank God. Mom went home and called me. I told her Mike is not in Mexico. I was so sad for my poor Mom God love her.

  2. The Grama scam happened to my Mom years ago. My Son Mike was supposedly in jail. He told her I’m so embarrassed don’t tell my parents I’ll pay you back. She said it sounded like him, but she can’t hear. She rushed to the bank and they gave her a number to wire the money. She said she was shaking while driving and shaking in front of the bank teller. The teller was alarmed she was talking out a lot of money out and didn’t know how to wire money. That’s something we never do. So Mom told her the whole story. The teller told her it’s a scam. Go home, your Grandson is not in jail. Thank God! So Mom went home and called me. She sounded so upset. I reassured her Mike was fine and not in jail. To think this happened to my Mom who was 89. They still call her with other scams but she knows better now.

  3. There’s elderly scammers all over. My 87 y.o. dad just had someone come to his condo and tell him he has to turn off his furnace because it’s leaking carbon monoxide. So, my 87 y.o. father turned off his heat in 30 degree weather overnight, and they told him they’d fix it for the “senior discount” of $1800. I heard this and hired another HVAC contractor and he found NOTHING wrong! This was an HVAC small company trying to scam my dad. Despicable!!!!!!!


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