DML Podcast (Ep.60): Why America’s Youth Are Lost, Lazy and Loveless; Interview with Jeremy Adams

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Today, the topics covered on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast are as follows:

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On today’s podcast I interview Jeremy S. Adams, a teacher of both high school and college education. Adams has been an educator for decades and he’s noticed a pattern: the upcoming generations of youth are losing their passion. They lack ambition to work hard, their love lives are scattered and inconsistent, and their direction in life seems more lost than the generations that came before.

I ask Adams why he thinks this is the case, and his answers are multifold: the state of our culture, the era of remote work, and the impact of pandemic lockdowns stifling social interaction, thus creating social isolation. It’s a trend that’s continuing to grow, and one that scares Adams. How will the future generations succeed if they simply don’t care or even want to succeed? How do we reinstall passion, ambition and love into America’s youth before it’s too late?

It’s an in depth interview that you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re a young adult or someone who has children. This is definitely a podcast where I welcome your feedback in the comments about why you think America’s youth is lost, lazy and loveless, and how we can ultimately fix it.


  1. We currently have a motivated 12 year old that would happily go to work now to keep certain establishments open to serve others food or necessities. He gets very frustrated and says “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to work, I will keep this place open.” I pray this motivation sticks and spreads to others.

  2. My 4 kids are good people my hubby and I put in the work! They all paid off there college loans we helped them out getting their books they all started with old cars. They all live on their own and are oldest boy owns his own home with his wife and are first Grand. Our youngest is engaged and looking to buy a house but it’s expensive. I’ve been married 34 years.

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  3. Society and this administration are totally to blame for our kids lack luster interests in anything but themselves and their comforts! They have taught them to be self serving brats with no love or respect and have learned to be rude hateful lazy and I truly believe those not taught God, respect and love of people and country are a lost generation and we need to move on trying to teach a new young generation!

  4. DML listening to this podcast gives me questions. Jerome stated he doesn’t want to discuss his kids and politics. I am assuming his kids r left wingers so how do you possibly have normal conversation with kids that feel this way.Your kids r all conservative and so r mine. I find it very difficult to have kids that think completely different from their parents.I have lost friends over being a conservative so I am confused how this works.

  5. One word! Social Media!!!
    Let’s spend the day practicing our dance steps then take selfies with filters all day, let’s play video games, better yet…let’s become a twitch superstar and we can get rich!! People will watch me play a game and send money! The world has gone INSANE!
    It is a self absorbed, lazy, look at me, I am Fabulous society!

  6. What kid wants a dead end job ? * when they can make easy money on YouTube etc or even go into Goodwill bins & resell on eBay bepop etc .

    These kids are not that thick.. if their finding to make money I say all good for them .

    • Seriously 😳, wow and we wonder why we have no one learning a trade that pays well and does have a future. Sanford and son would be proud

    • Yes kids today are into the reselling **
      vintage clothing / nike jordan sneakers / retro gaming.. as they run a youtube channel ..

      Who want to work in McDonald’s Popeye ‘ cleaning toilets in the mall nothing to worry about these jobs .

      Welcome to the jungle

    • Yes I understand what they do … they tell the world how much money their making ..

      First rule never tell anyone your money business .


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