DML Podcast: (Ep.7) Biden’s border visit a disaster; baby toy highlights drive bye shootings

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 44-minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics:
1. Biden’s border visit is a total failure as truth is covered up
2. School district sues big social media companies over mental health of students
3. Baby toy highlights drive by shootings and more…
4. Cartels out of control in Mexico
5. Christian book blocked by woke libraries

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  1. Sons mother and father in law was hit head on January 2, 2023 in Dallas Texas area by a man who could not speak English, did not have a drivers license and did not have insurance.
    Huh, I wonder!! Biden is the biggest waste of space and his homeland sub-human too

    • I am sorry for your son’s inlaws in this horrific accident. I guess the piece of trash who did this got away. And I agree, biden is the biggest waste of air on earth. He creates pollution when he exhales. He and his lowlife crime family all came from the same plastic mold. Shameful.

  2. Biden went to the most a Democratic town in Texas on purpose…because it is friendly to the left agenda, and they could manipulate the scene to look like Biden was okay. Then they can throw up the excuse that Biden has been to the border. All propaganda moves.

  3. Please stop blaming Biden He is an Obama regime puppet. Obama is running everything with his other traitors. Biden only knows what he is told and reads the teleprompter. He is on drugs to keep him alert, and then put to bed. It is time to call out the Obama people running the WH, the Exec Branch, and the Milley traitors running the Pentagon and DoD.

  4. If I had millions $$$$$, I would buy up every filthy book from every book store, every library and every school system and take them to a giant bonfire and burn them all. It would give me great pleasure to replace it with a good Christian book.

    • Makes no sense at all. If they have all the books bought out, they will become best sellers & stores will just order more, placing them in a more prominent position in the store.

  5. Kids only get one set of parents your child will have many friends pick wisely! I was cell phone grabbing parent. No warning I walk by and take it and go through it. I caught my step daughter talking to an older man, who I turned in to the cops. Thank god I interrupted things before it went to far.


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