DML Podcast (EP.98): Liar, Liar, Schiff Needs to be Fired!

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Today, DML covers the following:

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  1. Adam Schiff is an A-Class Liar
  2. Fox News lineup shake up
  3. Is Biden in control of anything?
  4. Also, Biden is in Japan for the G7 summit
  5. Adidas puts men in women’s bathing suits
  6. Montana completely bans TikTok
  7. Migrants invade Long Island

Video starts at 8:00 pm EST.


  1. Fired? Please. That’s not nearly enough for that rotten piece of sh*t. Lock him up minimum. More reasonable is to torture him like he’s done to the American people.

  2. Schiff another California loser, like Harris & Feinstein!! What’s wrong with the people in Cali????? That is why thousands are leaving that chaotic state!!!!!

  3. Dennis and children: my thought: I know why they are bringing millions of illegals and putting them in tents. It’s because they want these people to get frustrated and start causing chaos and start taking what they see we have. Stealing!! Also, I totally agree that Schiff is a piece of shit. My pet peeve is a liar. We need to take our country back or it’s going to be over.

  4. OMG! I live in Kings Park for over 52 years!
    We had it hard enough with all the mental patients walking around town! They say they are halfway ok. But…they are NOT!! This is SO upsetting to hear they want to put the illeagls at the psych center! This will destroy our town as we know it! 😡👍🏻😡


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