DML Podcast (Ep10/2023) More classified Biden documents, and the Navy is running out of weapons

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 38 minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics.

  1. More classified documents found in Biden’s possession
  2. Pressure on George Santos to resign
  3. Trans teacher with watermelon-sized breasts
  4. Children’s field trip to a strip club
  5. NY cop saves man from subway tracks
  6. Muslims allowed to sacrifice animals in Michigan
  7. The Navy’s weapons supply running low because of Ukraine
  8. Rush Limbaugh’s birthday

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  1. Russia and China are working in concert to bring down the USA. The Ukraine conflict is draining our budget and weapons stock at a frightening speed. We are basically running out of everything for the military; small arms ammunition, smart bombs, guided rocket systems and Javelin missiles. The high texh missiles we rely on take 2-3 years to manufacture.

    I think China is waiting foe us to run dry at which time they will strike Taiwan. I believe Joe Biden is cooperating with China and will give the overt appearance of fighting them but behind the scenes he will do what he can to e sure China wins.

    I think China holds horrifying blackmail material against Joe Biden.

  2. Hi DML! Thank you for the awesome podcast! I live in Michigan and I heard about the school teacher in Rochester hills that took the kids to the strip club! I was LIVID. I don’t understand how anyone could think that is ok. My boys aren’t in that school district.

  3. The Constitution? Elected by the People? Santos as far as I’m concerned won his seat thru fraud. If he’s dishonest and willing to lie to get into power, he’ll lie about anything. Despicable. Dishonesty means no trust. Let that be a key word for everyone: dishonest.

  4. Do you see with all this JB exposure docs them stepping in KH as President the hyena’s laugher? This is getting weirder by the minute! Look over here … oh wait look this way… what is really going to happen!!
    Plus States like NY CA and Illinois are by far gone cray cray! Pritzy at WHO


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