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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 32-minutes on this day, Jan 15.

DML gives commentary about what’s taking place with Biden, Ukraine, and Russia.

DML also tells an important story about DML CBD.

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  1. I started taking DML CBD in July 2019. When I was scheduled for surgery in January 2020 my doctor told me to go off all my supplements 10 before surgery. Up until that time I had not been sick even with a cold. But four days after surgery, I came down with a respiratory illness that lasted three weeks. Since recovering from that illness and resuming my DML CBD I have not been sick at all, even with Covid spreading for the past two years. I’ve added vitamins and other supplements, lost weight, exercise daily and feel my immune system is serving me well. Thanks, DML!

  2. Please keep in mind as well that big pharma is not liable for any vaxx on the childhood schedule. Hence the dramatic increase in shots mandated since the 1986 act. Money is the root of all evil #bigharma


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