DML Podcast (Ep11/2023) Dems stumble to excuse Biden’s classified docs; Scooby-Doo has gone woke

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 55 minutes today.

DML covers an array of topics.

  1. Biden’s car garage hosts classified docs
  2. Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson’s word salad
  3. Paul Ryan speaks on Trump’s 2024 chances
  4. DeSantis strikes back at White House
  5. Florida man uses COVID funds to buy mega mansion
  6. US embassy to fly American flags only
  7. Scooby-Doo’s woke spin-off tarnishes family-friendly cartoon
  8. And, “what the heck did Kamala Harris just say?”

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  1. DML great podcast today,Kameltoe was trying to explain that her cabable bolt broke and therefore the Bytumial factor no longer exists.!

  2. Thanks DML, yes we can still count our blessing even when we see our Government has been taken over by morons! God Knows! Praying -Psalm 109:8-

  3. 01/13/2023

    So sickening that those in DC (supposed Leaders? NOT!) are breaking our Constitutional Laws left and right every day! And Businesses hiring illegals are not being called down and penalized for giving jobs to ILLEGALS! NOT only that, but the Government are giving the ILLEGAL BORDER Crashers, perks like they are their grand kids! Thanks for shining the light so Americans can take a look and adjust their thinking to see the trouble our Government is causing US! I read another article how Biden is sending our OIL RESERVES to China while shutting down our Petroleum Refining and Coal Mining here at home, as China amps up COAL MINING in China? Biden is NEVER on board for doing anything good for America, Biden is a TRAITOR and should immediately be IMPEACHED and removed from the PRETEND Presidency he is encouraged to play the part by all the Satan PUPPETS surrounding him in all his failures to US! God knows and hell is waiting! Praying -Psalm 109:8- Unceasing in Jesus name! Amen

  4. Biden needs to go…and you have to know Obama is just a dirty as him along with the Clintons. They all need to be in prison for life! All lies and coverups eventually come to the surface and present themselves at the most inopportune times which is happening now! God works wonders in small ways. Just be open to what is being presented and how it is being presented and by who.

  5. DML you said this month’s ago about Biden- – that they be looking to replace him with a younger guy . !!

    Great podcast DML UP FRONT IN FRONT


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