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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes for this day, Jan 27.

DML is joined by activist Billboard Chris.

Chris explains why he is traveling North America with billboards that highlight the dangers of gender changing drugs and surgeries.

This is one of the most disturbing, interesting programs you will ever listen to.

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  1. It is just crazy to think that doctors could be supporting and pushing this on vulnerable children. I have a son who has Autism and he knows he is a boy – no question.

  2. Has Satan taken over the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. The Founders of the US Constitution used the values of Right and Wrong from our God in making this amazing Document. The Democrat Party has taken the values of Evil to do what they do. I’m old and I have never seen so much evil which is destroying our country. The evidence points to a very fraudulent election. The Dems in no way would allow there to be Photo Voter ID. Gee does this Voter ID make it too hard to cheat? Then they couldn’t believe their lying eyes to see the opportunity to use mail in ballots where even the dead could cast ballots for Joe Biden. Hopefully We The People will be able to get our True Vote back and the True Vote won’t be for the Chinese Bought and Paid For Joe Biden.


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