DML Podcast: (Ep150) Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan explained, and how it will screw you over

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 43 minutes for today.

DML explains how Biden’s latest scam will crush most Americans financially, and how it is unfair to every American who didn’t go to college, paid their loans in full, etc.

DML provides the nuances not covered in the media, it’s a must listen.

Plus, DML announces a massive BOGO on

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  1. The insult of insults, privileged rich and upper middle class spoiled brats go to school, party for 4 years, to get a useless degree, and then demand people that work and too poor to go to college now have to pay-off their student loans! Unbelievable!

  2. Any elementary economic student can see that this is total redistribution of debt to other community members. A total communist move. This does nothing but increase debt, increase inflation, extend and magnify the current recession, destroy the value of education, spit in the face of honest people who actually worked hard to pay off their debt.

  3. 2 1/2 years of not paying their loans should be forgiveness enough. My daughter paid her loans and because there was not interest she got it down almost 7000. But she is actually working because she’s a teacher.

  4. 1. Has old man Hitler paid hostages yet?
    2. Peter doocy has a hard job and not laughing at either of the spokeswoman of the wh.
    3. I hope the law suits come quickly for biden and this issue
    4. There isn’t 81 million people that voted for him,he was cheated in.

  5. Our oldest son worked two jobs to pay for college and when he got married he sold his motorcycle to pay off his loan. Our oldest daughter worked three jobs and never took out a loan. Our younger son works full-time and luckily his employer pays his tuition. Our other 3 daughters only went to community College. Which is another scam. Community College was supposed to be free just like primary school, these were paid for by our property taxes. Well the administration and Professors got to greedy and now tuition at community College is ridiculous. Plus these Professors write their own text books which cost over $100 and get a kick back from that. In the end the count is 2 Masters degrees and one Bachelor’s degree all a waste of money 💰

  6. All my kids stayed a little longer and paid their college dept off our last/baby was 25 and paid off all her debt. She is a accountant just like our oldest. The oldest was gifted in Math and at 16 was doing payroll for a big company thanks to her math teacher. She only had to take a couple class for accounting. So I agree with you, you don’t need to get a degree to go far. All our kids wanted to move out early of course but my hubby and I taught them to be responsible and we didn’t hand them things like most parents in our town did like a new car. They had to earn it. All 3 have done well.

  7. I used the two years of tax free to pay down my loans and eventually paid them off. Going to college is not a right, its a privilege that comes with responsibilities. The tech college I attended cost me 10K which I paid off in large sums. Why can’t others do the same?

    • More trades people are needed. Plumbers and Electricians make a good living. Just their service fee is $100. Plus hourly rates.

  8. Everyone should look at Twitter and the idiots over there who are pushing “vote blue” because of this loan forgiveness. They think it’s the greatest and are congratulating students. I am outraged about this. I worked full time while going to night school and depending on what shift I was working, it was either night classes or day classes. I had to plan my schedule very carefully. Heaven forbid when I was sick which rarely happened, but I did have the flu one winter and had to skip a few classes. But that didn’t stop me from studying. I worked 5am to 2pm and 2pm to 12am. Try doing that for four years while working full time. WTF….these turds expect a hand out. I paid my own way as I went along with my classes. Came out with no debt because I was fortunate to have a job. I don’t give a shit that they are in debt. It is their responsibility and their problem, not mine or any other American taxpayer.. Did any of them learn in college about budgeting for big expenses and planning for a rainy day. Guess they don’t teach that. This is pure bullshit. They should have thought about debt before they entered college on how they were going to pay for it. Did these dumb asses think about working part time before going to college to save up some money like many people do. Why is their debt problem our debt problem. It is not someone else’s responsibility to bail their asses out just because joe biden feels sorry for them. God, I despise joe that maggot fucking biden.


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